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Each unique lava rock is a one of a kind type rock as formed by Mother Nature and found here in Utah. This would make great addition to any waterfall setting, fairy garden, zen garden or rock garden. This would also be a good decoration indoors or out. A perfect touch to give that wedding an outdoorsy feel or spice up your office decor or home decor with this unique rock. This is a natural untreated rock so it would also be a nice addition to your aquarium or fish tank. Good for fish or reptiles.

Rock roughly measures roughly 11 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches and the weight is roughly 3 pounds 5 ounces.

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Looking much like underwater zen gardens, Haruka Misawa’s minimalist fish tanks eschew traditional rainbow colored rocks in favor of soothing geometries and 3D printed structures. On display now in Taiwan, her exhibition “Waterscape” explores the relationship between gravity, buoyancy, air and water, all through unique perspective of fish tanks. The tiny aquariums are sculptural on their own, but with fish freely swimming inside, they're given an entirely new purpose and context. Take a look at Misawa’s captivating aquatic designs at Design Milk. Zen and the art of fish tank maintenance: 'Aquascapers' herald the end for…
Photo provided by FlickrClassic Zen Garden & Plants Aquarium Ornament Fish Tank Decoration 3124 | eBay
Photo provided by Flickrzen garden plants | Classic Zen Garden & Plants Aquarium Ornament Fish Tank Decoration ...
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You know, that Zen Buddhist concept/aesthetic of accepting the impermanence and transience of all things. These nature aquariums by Japanese aquarist Takashi Amano are based on that idea. Think of bonsai, but underwater and with fish. That's what a nature aquarium is. His are quite beautiful, formal and ethereal, combining all the painstaking difficulties of miniature-making, regular plant gardening, zen rock gardening and aquarium maintenance. The plants are the focus in these tanks, rather than the fish. He has said that he starts with a piece of branchy driftwood, arranges it perfectly in the tank, and only then attaches the aquatic plants--ferns and willow moss, usually.So we have been talking about YOUR FIRST AQUARIUM Tank NUMERO UNO. Today is the moment of Zen. We are gonna add some fish to this sucker. So before we add fish we need to run through our check list. Ok. So We have our filter and lights that have been running for over a monthThe Aquatop Zen Nano is a small desktop tank that can also be set on an attractive Zen Nano Aquarium Fish Tank Stand. I have my 4 gallon Zen Nano on a stand in a corner of my living room that used to be a "lost corner" with nothing going on -- now, with this shimmering eye-catcher planted in my "decor dead zone," that part of my living room has come to life.To find out what types of Zen ornaments are available to you, do a bit of research on fish tank ornaments for UK customers. The internet offers a wealth of options, which are broader than what will be available in a brick and mortar store. You could set up a page on a site like Pinterest to capture your ideas while you decide just how to set up the aquarium. As a rule of thumb, you want to stick to anything that looks like an item that would occur in nature. Rocks, plants, driftwood, and fossils are all fantastic and appropriate options.Bright colors and a tropical motif may define the perception that many of us have of what a fish tank should look like. However, with the right ornaments, you can build a fish tank that exemplifies just about any design aesthetic. One of the easiest aesthetics to create is a clean, natural, calming Zen-style aquarium. Think of a Japanese garden on a smaller scale — and in your very own home. Use it as a learning experience with your kids — have them study pictures of Zen art and style, and ask them to help identify ornaments that will match this style.You’ll also want to carefully select your items to ensure that they don’t take a tropical or Hawaiian feel rather than Zen. For the pebbles at the bottom of the aquarium, stay away from multi-colored rocks — instead choose pebbles in a monochromatic earth tone, such as grey, beige, brown, or even sage or black. Add some greenery to the tank as well. Many ornaments are available in different styles of fauna. Consider even implementing some water lilies or lotus flowers. Make sure the types of fish you choose also fit the Zen motif. Goldfish are an obvious choice, and choose others in natural, calming colors. As with any fish tank, make sure the types of fish can live together in harmony, and choose either all saltwater fish, or all freshwater fish.