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White spot disease can get downright scary as parasites quickly multiply. But don’t confuse this nasty infection with breeding tubercles on male goldfish. If white spots are only concentrated on the gill covers and head, your goldfish are ready for loving action.
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Good thing that you can use an ich treatment to cure white spot disease quickly. But it’s important to treat ich early, before the parasite takes over the aquarium. Otherwise, numbers will become too overwhelming for your poor goldfish to handle. Editor’s Note — This is a continuation of our collaboration with Follow Your Fish! Check out .
Photo provided by FlickrYou’re excited. Your goldfish are thrilled. And they enjoy their new home.
Photo provided by FlickrDon’t risk the health of your fish because of one lousy judgment.
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They’re in your dentist’s office, in restaurants, hotel resorts, and homes all over the world. The saltwater aquarium, with its bright coral and even brighter fish, brings a piece of the wild into your living room."The name of the game for those in the trade is 'sell the fish as quickly as possible' because then you’re passing the risk on to the next buyer,” said Rene Umberger, the director of For the Fishes.The first thing to do in an outage is to unplug your filters. If the poweris off for a long time, toxins such as hydrogen sulfide and ammoniabuild up in the filter. When the power comes back on, the filter will spewthis toxic cocktail back into your tank, perhaps killing the fish. Once power is restored, clean out all filters before using them. Below you will find our aquarium calculator that you can use to convert back and forth between some of the most common conversions you'll encounter when running your fish tank as well as a tool to calculate fish tank volume based on dimensions.During a cold-weather heat or power failure, maintain your tank's water temperature as best you can. Since glass is a poor insulator, heat loss can be rapid as the house temperature drops. The easiest way to prevent heat loss is to wrap the tank in Styrofoam or some type of insulating blanket (the thermal type, such as are used to insulate water heaters). Styrofoam can be purchased in sheets and cut to fit the size of the tank. Make sure it is a tight fit, and use duct tape to fasten the pieces together. Do not forget to insulate the bottom of the tank (if it is exposed) and the top. Punch a few small holes in the top for the air lines. If you use an insulating blanket, wrap it around the tank, using duct tape to keep it in place. While neither of these methods will entirely prevent heat loss, it will slow it down. Never heat tank water on the stove and pour it back into the tank! Such wide temperature swings will virtually ensure that your fish will come down with a parasitic infestation. Better to allow the temperature to slowly drop, since your fish will adjust to it--to a point--better than they would such a temperature change seesaw caused by pouring heated water in the tank. If you have a quarantine tank or pond then you can keep new arrivals away from your other fish and treat them yourself to make sure that they are healthy before introducing them to your other prized fish. A quarantine tank need not be large depending on how many fish you will have in it at any time. A 50 to 100 gallon tank will suffice for goldfish and smaller koi, if you need a tank for larger koi (above 15 inches) then you may want a 200 to 300 gallon tank. There are several ways to obtain a tank without spending a lot of money. Rubber Maid stock tanks are available at some hardware stores and farmers co-ops. These are very durable and will stand up on their own. A rubber pond liner tank has the advantage of being able to be dismantled when not needed. A simple frame of landscape timbers criss-crossed Lincoln log fashion will make a good framework to support the rubber liner. Simply place the liner in the frame and tack a batten strip around the edges to hold the liner in place. This can be placed in a basement, garage or outside in the shade. However you create your quarantine pond, make sure that you know the exact volume of water it will hold to make any treatments accurate.