Betta channoides for Sale | Wild Red Cherry Betta labyrinth fish .

1 pair of F1 Imbellis (Male and Female)
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For those who are willing to spend a few more bucks, they can often find some really interesting betta fish at their local fish store. Many of these stores get first dibs on the best locally bred bettas and thus have more rare and more healthy fish for sale. Here in Southern California, big box store bettas may range from $3 – $7, while the local fish store sell theirs for $12 – $25. Obviously, more exotic bettas can go for quite a lot more. My LFS has some wild bettas for over $150. While they may actually be F1 bred from wild parents or F2, the cost reflects the rarity.
I have a male unimaculata for sale
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Betta fish with their beautiful colors, flowing fins and interactive personality are considered as one of the most wonderful aquarium fishes and hence find their way to a lot of homes and offices as pets. Although native to the shallow water ponds found in the wild in Thailand and Cambodia, betta fish for sale in many countries are the result of many successful breeding techniques. Im asking $30 plus shipping (around $5.00) Obo
Photo provided by FlickrJul 18, 2013 - Hello, all Betta friends and hobbyist i have Some Wild Betta Smaragdina for sale
Photo provided by FlickrSmaragdinas are from the Splenden Complex
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Java Petshop cebu on of the petshop in Cebu City, presents" Betta Fish Gone Wild" . This halfmoon fighting fish is for sale, we also have other bettas and plakats.. More videos will be uploaded..