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Easily the largest freshwater fish in North America, the white sturgeon can .
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White sturgeon () are a species of in the family . They are also referred to by location, such as Pacific sturgeon, sturgeon, sturgeon, and California white sturgeon. Their habitat ranges from the to along the west coast of . They are an fish species; however, several populations became during the construction of dams which blocked their upriver migratory path to and from ancestral spawning grounds. White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America, and third-largest species of sturgeon after the and sturgeons. White sturgeon are known to reach weights up to 816 kg (1,799 lb) and lengths up to 6.1 m (20 ft).
freshwater whitefish is sold in  and eaten as part of , either  or made into whitefish salad.
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Ivory Snails: With their creamy white colored shells, are another type of freshwater snail that can work well in a community tank. Like Gold Inca Snails, Ivory Snails like to scavenge the tank for uneaten food, dead or decaying plant matter and soft algae on hard surfaces. Ivory Snails may also be interested in eating supplements of nearly any kind including fish flakes, algae wafers, tablets, pellets and even some blanched green and leafy vegetables. Gold White Cloud, freshwater fish, freshwater plants, freshwater aquarium fish
Photo provided by FlickrJun 15, 2013 - The white surgeon is the biggest freshwater fish in North America
Photo provided by FlickrThe lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) is a species of freshwater whitefish from North America
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When you think about freshwater fish, brackish water and monotonous orange and white colored fish might come to mind. Clearly you haven’t discovered this post until now!The white sucker () is a freshwater fish inhabiting the upper Midwest and Northeast in , but is also found as far south as and in the south and west. The fish is commonly known as a "sucker" due to its fleshy papillose lips that suck up organic matter and from the bottom of rivers and streams.freshwater fish rare arowana white rare arowana white, so beautifull super rare arowana white video

please like, share and subscribes if you like or want to see my another videoThe rainbow shark () is a species of freshwater fish from the family . It is also variously known as the ruby shark, red-fin shark, red-finned shark, rainbow sharkminnow, green fringelip labeo, whitefin shark and whitetail sharkminnow. It is a popular, semi-aggressive aquarium fish. Unlike true , which belong to the ("cartilagenous fishes") lineage, the rainbow shark is an ("ray-finned fish").The white surgeon is the biggest freshwater fish in North America. It can reach 20 feet long and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. These large fish can live in fresh or salt water and can be found in the Western United States and Canada. White sturgeons have been around since prehistoric times, but there existence on this Earth may soon end. There are only an estimated 500 of them left.The white perch (pomoxis annularis) was designated the official freshwater fish of Louisiana in 1993. Also called sac-au-lait, white crappie, speckled perch, papermouth, goggleeye, silver bass, and bachelor perch, the white perch is a schooling fish in the sunfish family.