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The Kloubecs sell some of the koi to wholesale garden stores, while the more brightly colored fish are sent to a sale in Maryland, or are sold on-line to collectors. “I photograph each of the fish that I list on-line, and when they go on-line they buy that exact fish,” Kloubec explains. She gives each fish a number for their tank so when they are purchased she knows where to find them.
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Gabe, I am not sure how much space you have to start raising koi but folks with large operations have acres and acres of ponds. Obviously they all didn’t start big so really you could do a lot with a small operation to start with. Koi produce a lot of fry so if you had the facilities to house and raise the baby koi you could start to make some money. As far as the depth is concerned I would recommend a depth of at least 3 feet but four feet would be better and make your depth changes gradually slope down to the deepest depth. In Michigan you will want to have some sort of de-icer floating on the surface-there are a lot of koi pond supply places that have them. As far as pricing goes check out these guys in florida -they are a pretty well known koi producer. Prices can vary and it will depend on quality and coloration, fin length etc. (). Who will buy them? If I were you I would focus on building a relationship with companies that are going to buy a lot and move a lot -for example Petco sells butterfly koi and you could conceivably become a supplier for them. If you want to figure out how to sell koi first pretend that you want to buy koi. Where would you go to buy koi, ask people where they buy theirs etc. If you approach the problem from the other side you will then figure out how to sell koi. Right off the bat your local feed store may be willing to carry them (people that have horses and farms will often have koi ponds as well so it may work out well). The other thing you will need to do is develop a reputation for quality fish and that will happen through customer reviews that you publish on your website and entering koi competitions.
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You have to realize as well, that Koi do not start off in life looking like they end up , or "finish out". Most varieties start off as young fry, looking fairly drab, and the colors and patterns develop over time and the life of the fish. Each variety, as well as each individual fish tend to take varying times to develop, and this is where it gets tricky. Learning how these varieties develop, as well as recognizing the varying times it may take, is a part of the hobby that takes the longest to learn. In knowing this, you can then understand that the younger fish are the trickiest to judge due to the developing process over their life. This is why young fish are less expensive than larger ones, because there is less guessing as to development in the larger ones. However, if you do learn this part of the hobby, then you can pick younger fish that have potential to turn into the higher valued beauties. Some Koi throughout the world sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars! The last All Japan Show 2006 Grand Champion was said to have sold for $365,000.00 dollars! So, if you can learn about Koi development, you stand a far better chance of being able to pick and purchase these higher quality fish at a less expensive young age. Even though some folks may never plan to show their fish, they still want fish that are, or will be considered valuable.wow, that’s a big pond with a lot of fish! usually when you want to breed koi to sell you are culling out the ones you don’t want and keeping only those with the color traits that you want and that are worth the most. You have a couple options here:
1) do a search for koi keeping clubs in your local area and contact the main person for that and see if you can get in touch with their members to see if there is any interest in buying some or all of your fish.
2) contact a breeder in your area as they may want to come look at your fish and hand pick the ones they want or maybe they want them all?
3) contact local pet shops that sell fish and local farm stores/feed stores where pond supplies are sold-they may help you sell them to local pond owners.