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I know it is possible to make your own airlift pump but I was wondering if I could go to Petsmart and buy a regular tank and put a jellyfish in there. I live in the US and I really don’t know where to get jellyfish anyway.
Check out this article to find out where to buy authentic Chinese food in D.C., including jellyfish.
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Im thinking about getting a jelly for my home and I just have a few questions! How big does the tank have to be and where is the best place to buy one? What kind of tank? Also how many jellyfish do you recommend me buying? Hey,I am From Bosnia and Herzegovina,and same question like others,where I can buy jellyfish,and how they ship them to me? Thanks
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My grandfather used to buy awesome jellyfish in Chinatown for family celebrations. He has passed on now and I've been trying to find a store that sells good jellyfish. I am clueless in Chinatown, so I asked my mom to try to find it. Unfortunately all the ones she buys just don't have the right flavor or consistency. Too sweet, not crunchy, etc.. Does anyone have suggestions of where they buy their favorite jellyfish salad, preferably in Chinatown?Hi,
I was wondering if it is possible to buy jellyfish aquarium in Europe? Btw do you know where to buy live jellyfish in Europe? I live in Croatia