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What to do with an old Fish Tank Stand - before and after
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To clean a freshwater fish tank, when we say cleaning, we probably mean maintaining. You want to clean your tank once a week, every two weeks, once a month, depending on how dirty it is, how many fish, and how much you feed. Every tank is going to be a little bit different, but the cleaning methods are pretty much the same. The goal of cleaning an aquarium is to get a lot of the waste out of the water with minimal shock to the environment. Remember, there is bacteria that's growing in the filter, on the sand bed, and even on the glass and decorations in the aquarium. You want to minimize the shock to this bacteria because this bacteria is what's responsible for keeping your water safe for your fish. It's constantly growing and breaking down waste. It's breaking down ammonia and nitrite and keeping that water really, really clean and safe for the fish.
Apr 17, 2016 - What you should never do is attempt to cycle your tank with fish already in it
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i have a small fish tank with 5 shubukin babies and 2 gold fish babies and 2 little fresh water fish…
i use tap water for my fish using water conditioner.. i don’t have an oxygen pump.. my water are cloudy every time..
and i don’t want to buy air pump…
so what can i do……….
and i am a starter ….. What to do with fish tank
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3. Doing What Other People Think Is Cool
You want to belong with the cool fish people on the forums. But doing what they like...is that going to be what you like? Remember that your fish tank is for YOUR enjoyment and then to share with others. Ofcourse if you want Tank of the Month or something, then it's a different story. Make sure you give the fish sitter a phone number to reach you at while on vacation just in case of an emergency with your fish or tank. A leak could develop, the heater could stick in the on position leading to a rise in temperature, the automatic water top off system could stick in the on position, etc. Remember Murphy's law here - "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible time". Write down a small list of tasks you'd like for them to do. Keep it short and don't put anything that is not absolutely essential. Here is a sample aquarium list of things you could ask your fish sitter to take care of:So do you research. See what fishes are compatible with your tank environment and if they get along with the fishes in your tank also. I've read stories of people who bought a $200 dollar fish and have it bullied around by their $5 dollar fish that was already in there. That's not doing the right research ahead of time. Plus fishes are so hard to catch once they are in the tank. Wooden decorations produce a perfectly safe form of cloudiness byreleasing tannin into the water. The tannin will give the water ayellowish or brownish cast, somewhat like very weak tea. However,these are helpful in softening the water, , boosting many fishes' immune systems, and often improvingthe coloration of your fish. Some studies show that this will increasefish's appetite, reduce stress, and even stimulate spawning. I haveseen the addition of a wooden decoration to the tank stimulatespawning behavior in some soft-water catfish or tetras that spawn withthe spring floods, so this does seem to have some credibility.I especially agree with tip #4! It is so important that you do NOT go cheap when you enter into the world of fishkeeping. While most of us have the tendency to think about what would save us money, you cannot think this way when it comes to fish tanks.I bought a 25 litre tank with a good filter and have stocked it with about 8 cold water fish. I feed them once a day, check the water every couple of days with test sticks and change the tank every fortnight. I started fish keeping back in June and to my amazement and delight all the fish are still alive and thriving. I plan to move on to a bigger tank once we move house next month and have a bit more space (so I will take on board some of the ideas here on what to do with an old fish tank! ) However, I think it would be awful just to give up on fish keeping because you think any fish you might buy will die.