Saltwater Aquarium Heaters & How to Regulate Tank Temps

A good rule of thumb to determine what size heater you may need for your small aquarium is:
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There is a staggering variety of aquarium heaters available on the market today, so users can decide the one they want based on many aspects, such as quality, type, size, and price. The table below compares a few models of aquarium heaters to give users a fair idea of what to look for while buying a heater.
Not sure what size heater to get for your aquarium? The  makes it easy to choose the  for your aquarium and usual room temperature.
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An aquarium heater has many aspects to it, so the exact choice depends on what the user wants for his or her tank. Some of the aspects that users should consider include the type, size, placement, quality, price, and longevity of the heater. Each of these aspects is explained below for the user. Question - what size aquariun heater, and should I get another Ranco to regulate the temp, or rely on the aquarium heater thermostat ?
Photo provided by FlickrQuestion - what size aquariun heater, and should I get another Ranco to regulate the temp, or rely on the aquarium heater thermostat ?
Photo provided by FlickrJump to What if I buy a larger aquarium heater than I need - As long as your aquarium can be heated properly, the size or wattage don't matter.
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For this heater I would say a second thermometer is mandatory. Unfortunately a fair amount of these heaters ship out with bad settings and will run several degrees off from what is shown. Once the heat is set properly the heat stays on target. Just be sure to let others know your heater is off and not to adjust it themselves. Aqueon features an amazing lifetime warranty on all of their heaters, putting them a step above the rest when it comes to customer satisfaction. simply contact them via the phone number or form shown . The heaters themselves are also reliable and should last an average of 3 years. You can put to bed the worries of sending for a replacement each month. After this guide on finding the best 30 gallon aquarium heater you should be more than prepared to make the right choice. Because of the similar size these choices also make great 29 gallon fish tank heaters. If your tank can fit it I cannot recommend Ehiem highly enough, but the other options are still worth considering. If you need a few more options feel free to read my more general guide. After looking carefully at all the packaging and sizes and wattages, I picked up a 25-watt heater, a Top Fin® Submersible Aquarium Heater, which, according to the box was advertised for tanks up to 5 gallons. It had an internal thermostat, was adjustable, and fully submersible. It wasn't quite as small I was looking for, but we could have made it work. When the store employee asked if I needed help, I explained what I was doing and she said that the Top Fin® heater I had in hand was too powerful.So let’s say, for example, a 50-watt heater will heat properly for an aquarium with about 10 to 15 gallons. It’s a known fact that some aquarium heaters work better than others depending on the aquarium size. So, today we’ll take a look at what makes a good aquarium heater and some of my recommendations.