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Jun 4, 2013 - Simply put, the margin for error of a 10-gallon fish tank is very small
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Very good article, thanks. Danios are a small and fun fish for a small tank although they really like swimming and are happy to take advantage of a larger tank as well. Guppies are best when kept with others of the same sex. We got some "bonus" fish when we bought some plants at the fish store. Most were guppies - let me know if anyone wants some :). We keep the males and females separate but removing the males in time is a challenge :).
I like Tetras they stay small and you can find fish with really nice colors. Plant live plants and the tank will be very easy to care for.
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When you bring home your fish, he’ll likely be in a small plastic bag. Float the bag in the tank for about a half-hour to regulate the water temperature, then open the bag and let your friend check out his new digs. You can add more fish every couple of weeks if you like. We recommend three or four small fish or one or two medium fish for a 20-gallon aquarium. Very small Fish tank decoration - Red cap Goldfish tank ..
Photo provided by FlickrVery small Fish tank decoration - Red cap Goldfish tank - Natural aquarium - beautiful design.
Photo provided by FlickrWater changes can be very stressful in a small goldfish tank
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The smaller the amount of water you have in a container, the harder it is to keep it in good condition - so I went looking for something bigger and more appropriate than the coffee jars I'd been using. I came across this corner tank for very cheap ($10) at a local store. The dimensions are 20cm x 20cm x 28cm tall, but since it's triangular the volume is halved. Assuming its not filled right to the top, it holds maybe a bit over 5 litres, or 1.5 US gallons? I certainly wouldn't want to keep fish in something this small, but it is perfect for the tiny creatures I want to keep. under ten gallons can only berecommended to very advanced aquarium keepers who have a lot ofexperience caring for fish tanks and aquarium fish. These advancedaquariists need to understand the risks involved in caring for such . These aquarium expertsalso must be ready for the challenge and asmall fish tank like this represents. An expert aquarium keeper whohas decided to take on the challenge of caring for a small aquariumalso needs to not be concerned about the cruelty inherent in such asmall aquarium.Fish bowls require a great deal more maintenance and harder workthan larger aquariums. Ideally you'll want to inyour fish bowl or small aquarium every day or every other day toprevent the tank from becoming toxic.Remember, fish tanks under ten gallons in total aquarium volumereally should be left to only the very advanced aquarium keepers, whounderstand the risks involved in such a small fish tank, who have alot of experienced caring for fish and aquariums, who are ready forthe additional challenge that a tiny fish tank represents, and who arenot concerned about the cruelty inherent in very small aquariums.Also, the more frequent the water changes are, the less importantit is that the water changes be small. By keeping the frequency ofthese water changes high - at least twice a week for a small fishtank with a filter and at least every other day for a fish bowlwithout a filter - the stress of the water changes issignificantly mitigated.Something which is great about this particular fish tank is that it is very small and compact. All of the parameters, meaning the width, depth, and length are all under 1 foot, plus it is a 1.5 gallon tank. It is a small tank that is ideal for a couple of small fish or just some plants, plus it doesn’t require much space for you to set up either.