aquarium design: Vertical Fish Tanks

Unique Fish Tanks | fish tank seems like a vertical version of regular aquarium
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Circular tanks are widely used in aquaculture, and the addition of vertically‑suspended rod arrays can provide structural complexity during fish rearing. This study assessed the effects of such an array on water velocities at two flow rates in 1.8-m diameter circular tanks. At inflows of 62 L/min and 113 L/min, the presence of the rod array significantly reduced in-tank velocities. The largest decrease in velocity was observed on the water surface midway between the center and edge of the tank. The presence of vertically-suspended rods significantly reduced velocities at each sampling depth (surface, mid-tank, bottom), at each radius (30, 60, or 90 cm from the center of the tank), and at each position (prior to, immediately after, and directly opposite the rod array). At both of the flow rates, velocities with the rods present were still sufficient to create a vortex capable of keeping the tank self-cleaning. The decrease in velocities may explain part of the reason for the positive effects of vertically-suspended rods on fish rearing performance.
Unique Fish Tanks | fish tank seems like a vertical version of regular aquarium.
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We tore out everything that you see in the photo above, including the fish tanks and installed our first Vertical NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System. We called this system the Duffy Duct™ System after our System Designer, Oliver Duffy. VERTICAL GARDENING - A Perfect Project That Combines Hydroponic Gardening and Fish Tanks
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Photo provided by FlickrNov 5, 2013 - Vertical fish tanks have recently become a hit in a lot of house holds
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But these need nutrients, which come from fish poop. But fish tanks need cleaning and aerating, and the vertical farm needs pumped water which requires power; that comes from wind turbines and solar panels, stored in a battery bank.VERTICAL GARDENING - A Perfect Project That Combines Hydroponic Gardening and Fish Tanks!

Project based vertical gardening that integrates agriculture and hydroponic gardening.How to build a custom vertical aquarium stand designed for three 10 Gallon tanks. *Now with music. Two of these aquariums will be used for breeding guppies and the third will be a hospital tank for sick fish. I hope to get the 55Gal up and cycling soon. Vertical tanks have currently turn out to be famous in plenty of house holds. Many years past, crafting vertical fish tanks posed a problem because the water pressure accumulates the taller the fish tank, and this may eventually cause the aquarium glass to break. Nowadays, with modern technology surfacing in the field of glass reinforcement, stronger sturdier glass and even acrylic has enabled aquarium developers to develop taller as well as wider models that they once was unable to. This enabled quite a lot of unique and space maximization with the cylindrical and hexagonal tanks. To further maximize efficiencies inside the Eco-Ark we have integrated hanging vertical grow towers that soak up the Southern sun while shading the fish tanks behind them. There are Strawberries, Mint, Cilantro, Chives and Giant Parsley growing in these towers year-round regardless of the weather outside! These towers hover above the crops grown on the tables stretching up over 10 feet above the floor like a wall of greens. Nowadays you will also manage to buy fish tank ornaments that float freely around the fish tank. These kind of ornaments are designed to mimic fish as well as possess hinged tails. When the water cycles around the aquarium, these kinds of fake fish seem to swim as if they were real. Among the most well-known of these for people keeping vertical tanks are those that mimic jellyfish. They would glide smoothly from top to bottom and after dark once the lights are off, will release an eerie glow that makes the aquarium look absolutely spectacular.