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UV for a fish tank is a waste of money if you plan to use it to keep algae growth down.
In a fish tank the algae grows on the surfaces of the tank. Some does circulate but most is stationary. You can not put the light into the body of the tank with out killing the fish at the dose needed to kill the algae.
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Welcome to the Aquarium UV Filters superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, our goal is to make setting up and maintaining an aquarium as quick, simple and, yes, fun as possible. Of course, the ultimate goal of aquarium care is to keep the water looking as crisp, clean and clear as possible in order to properly show off your aquatic pets. Plenty of options exist for keeping your water filtered and removing contaminants, and for using natural sterilizers (ultraviolet light) to zap any nasty bugs or microbes that might cause cloudiness. The problem is, they're very rarely combined. We've assembled a collection of top quality aquarium filters with built-in UV sterilization power to keep your equipment costs to a minimum and make maintaining a beautiful fish tank easier than ever. The best part is, our UV aquarium filters are all priced at up to 70% off what you'll find anywhere else!

Proper filtration is perhaps the most important component of aquarium maintenance. It removes toxins, contaminants, and waste to keep your water clear and your fish healthy. Without adequate filtration, aquariums can quickly become green or cloudy, and the potential for fish disease is vastly increased. UV sterilization enhances the effect of the filter, supplementing its cleansing power with natural UV light. UV is a uniquely effective clarifying agent that causes natural breakdown of organic particles that can easily lead to algae blooms and murky water if left untreated. The combination of a filter and UV sterilizer is simply impossible to beat! Our UV Filter Store features Canister, Power and Submersible filters to meet your needs.

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Ppunson Submersible UV Sterilizer for Aquarium, 6W Aquarium UV Light IP68 Waterproof Fish Tank UV Sterilizer Light Submersible Lights US Plug ** Details can be found by clicking on the image.Although the main benefit of UV light is to remove harmful organisms from the aquarium environment, overuse will result in an entirely sterile tank. The fish require a balance, so their immune systems can develop tolerance to potentially harmful organisms when exposed in safe doses. The UV light also can be harmful if you’re treating your goldfish with medication. While the UV light may remove the cause of the problem, it also will neutralize the medication that you’ve used to treat the water.I could never keep tangs or angelfish and I always keep my water good. Two skimmers, good water movement and change water every week with Nutri Live Sea water. Ich would always infect their gills, next day belly up. Just lost an $80 flagfin angelfish, Yes it hurts. I have two new tangs a sailfin and a yellow. Both of them started to spot up on there body. I went to Petsmart and bought the green killer 24 watt UV sterilizer for 50 bucks and Omega One flakes with garlic. The next day clean like I just fresh water dipped them. First time having success without using chemicals and a hospital tank. I let it run at night when the lights go off, two much heat with 510 watts of lights. I don't know if it was the food or the UV but all of my fish seem to be a lot happier. I will run for two weeks and then turn off. I will let you-all know what happens. Hope This Helps!A UV sterilizer works by emitting UV rays just like the sun would. It is a small bulb that releases UV light which helps to kill off bacteria, viruses, algae blooms, and other harmful microorganisms that you don’t want in your fish tank. UV light is harmful to small microorganisms, therefore killing them off, and keeping your fish tank water clean and clear.