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* The fish provide turtles with entertainment and exercise (of which most
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Other water gardeners might enjoy the sight of one or more turtles swimming and basking in their ponds. We assume our experiment shows that well-fed turtles can live in peace with pond fish. We also assume they can be introduced directly into a pond where fish already know all the hiding places, as we did with our latest three turtles. That obviates the need for a preliminary trial period in an aquarium. There are no guarantees in life, so a skeptical ponder should ponder the likelihood of any negative possibilities before acquiring turtles for the pond.
I have 2 Razorback Musk turtles with 2 Ranchu goldfish, and one pleco.
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If the pond is surrounded by plants, the plant litter will continually plug up the filter. I opted for a natural pond without a filter. My turtles remain in excellent health in this environment and their laminae plates peel on a yearly basis, exposing their beautiful shells. I have more than 200 turtles, and 20 ponds, and I consider the upkeep minimal because I prefer to leave the ponds in a natural state. I also introduced small fish, crayfish and snails for a fairly balanced habitat. As an aside, don't put any fish in with the turtles, they'll only become food.
Photo provided by FlickrI will be staying at  late next June and REALLY want to swim with sea turtles (hanu) and fish!
Photo provided by Flickr(Noncommercial): Taking of turtles shall be lawful in all waters throughout the year with a resident or nonresident fishing license provided that:
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Calvert Cliffs offers you a nice afternoon of hiking with several trails to choose from. During our trip we saw three deer and an eagle leave its nest on the Orange trail. The park charges $5 per car entry fee. There is a large playing park area for kids, a small lake with fish and turtles as well as picnic...You can feed fish to aquatic turtles and "feeder fish" may be purchased from pet stores or bait stores. Depending on the size of the turtle, fish such as goldfish, guppies or minnows may be used. Feeding live fish will provide your turtle with the mental stimulation and exercise that comes with the challenge of chasing and catching its dinner. Some people leave fish swimming around in the tank and add more as they are eaten. If you prefer, these fish may also be bought in larger quantities, killed, separated into meal-sized portions, combined with a little water and frozen to preserve them. They can then be thawed and fed to your turtle as needed. Do not feed frozen fish all the time. It is critical that the turtle consume the entire fish, guts and all as this is a complete nutritional "package". Smelt, mackerel and other oily fish should be fed sparingly or avoided all together as their high fatty content may lead to vitamin E deficiencies. Bigger fish may be chopped up into manageable sizes for smaller turtles.My 3 map turtles living peacefully with the fish. Gourami. Red lined torpedoes. Bala sharks. Sucking loach. Clown loach. Royal plecostomus. Common plocostomus. Tiger plocostomus. Tetras. Guppie.If you are planning on housing fish and turtles together another important thing to consider is space. Turtles can grow up to very large sizes and it is quite common for them to reach at least a foot in length. Keeping this in mind, it’s never a bad idea to have a tank setup that is at least 80 gallons of water with the length of the tank measuring in at least 5 feet.If you like camping...and you are looking for something different...and you like water...then you found it! This place is great and best of all...very affordable.
The water is always in the mid 70's and crystal clear. There are 3 diving boards...stairs and up to 30ft deep. It is a natural stream with fish and turtles...bring your snorkel and mask or just enjoy the water.
The campgrounds are clean and very well laid out. We stayed in our 5th wheel trailer with water and electric hook ups. If you are ever near this part of Texas...this place is a must.This video was taken during feeding time. I have 3 turtles: a Razorback Musk and a 3 Striped Mud, which are featured in the video and a Mississippi Map. Everyone gets along except sometimes my map turtle tries to intimidate my mud turtle. He never tries it with my musk, which is the exact same size. I read that map turtles and basking species in general get along with bottom dwellers and that muds and musks sometimes show aggression to each other. But in this case, my mud and musk are fine with each other and the map turtle isn't always nice to the bottom dwellers. I guess the experts aren't always right. The turtles totally ignore the fish. They are either too fast or too big for the turtles. I believe I will have to remove my smaller fish (rainbows and danios) as my chocolate cichlid grows or else he will remove them for me...into his belly. But he is a very well behaved fish, as is my green severum. I'm looking to remove the 2 large plecos in the near future because they just get so huge. A full grown pleco should be in a pond.