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You’ll have to make compromises to keep both your goldfish and tropical fish happy.
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I agree to a certain extent. Some tropical fish can tolerate living with goldfish, and handle the same temp and diet. For example, I have two Orandas and 2 Siamese Algae Eaters thriving and growing in my 50 g. My house temp thus my tank temp says at 72 in winter, and 79 in summer. Both Orandas can handle 72-85 degrees, while SAEs can go to 72-85 degrees.
Putting your goldfish in a tropical aquarium is going against their nature.
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But what does this mean for the hobby of keeping goldfish? We do not need to go buy heaters for our goldfish tanks. They thrive in room as well as tropical temperatures. What this means is that when people ask what they can keep with goldfish, we need to focus on the real problems with goldfish in the same tank as other fish and not just regurgitating the myth of temperature problems. This does not mean we can just start putting goldfish in tropical tanks. Goldfish are not compatible with most tropical fish. Almost all are too aggressive, too nippy, or too small to be in with goldfish. OTHER GREAT FEEDING OPTIONSHikari Tropical  – For aquariums with goldfish and other tropical fish
Photo provided by FlickrWhat i know about difference between goldfish tank and tropical already:
Photo provided by FlickrPeople who love goldfish often love other kinds of fish too (especially tropical varieties).
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Newcomers to the fish keeping hobbywill often mistakenly think that it is better to keep cold water fishsuch as goldfish because they don't require a heater, and the factthat they don't require a heater seems to imply that they are easierto keep than tropical fish. A very important fact to remember when caring for goldfish, is that it is not a good idea to keep them with tropical fish. For one, they don’t eat the same foods. Secondly, goldfish like colder waters than tropical fish. In addition, tropical fish can threaten goldfish . The long flowing fins and the slow motion of the goldfish make them irresistible targets to many fast fin nipping tropical fish. The stress can be very traumatic.The major reason why I would recommendtropical fish for a beginner is the fact that cold water fish needmuch more room than tropical fish. A 20 gallon tank is therecommended minimum for just one goldfish, whereas in a tropical setup with adequate filtration, you could have up to three or fourmedium sized fish such as Angelfish and a few little shoaling oneslike neon tetras in the same sized tank.Feeding
It is very important to understand that goldfish do not tolerate tropical fish food well. Goldfish do not have a stomach. Food is absorbed as it travels through their intestines, so it must have a high alkaline content. Tropical fish food is too acidic for their digestive system. It is true that goldfish will eat tropical fish food, but they will reap very little nutritional benefit from it. Over time, feeding tropical fish food to goldfish will seriously affect their health and longevity. You must feed a designated Goldfish Food for best results. Goldfish must eat to digest their food so they will always eat. It is up to you , the aquarist, to control the food intake.All fish will also need water that ispH appropriate. Goldfish tend to prefer a neutral pH, while tropicalfish have a wider range of pH requirements depending on species.From personal experience alone, I can tell you quickly that no – goldfish and tropicals should not be kept together for several reasons. While some may point out that they are both freshwater, there are other factors at play besides salinity that cause one or the other species to be compromised. To give goldfish the best possible, it is really necessary to avoid compromising their needs. The stress that is caused by trying to juggle the many different requirements for very different kinds of fish placed on goldfish just is not worth it, even if you can get it to work for a little while. The sad truth is, you may end up killing your goldfish in the process! Even with many years of experience, keeping goldfish is difficult enough as it is without the additional challenge of trying to keep other fish happy as well. Let’s get into some of those challenges.