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Freshwater, marine, and brackish tropical fish all require specific aquarium conditions to thrive.
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Keeping a tropical aquarium can be a rewarding experience. Freshwater fish tanks are inexpensive to set up and maintain, and there is an incredible array of fish available with which you can stock your new aquarium.
If you’re thinking about adding semi-aggressive freshwater fish to your tropical aquarium take a moment to read through this list of suggestions.
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Marine fish that are sold as tropical fish are generally sourced from the wild, usually from the coral reefs around the world. This is because only a few species of marine fish have been successfully bred in captivity with any regularity. The price of marine fish coupled with the difficulty in keeping them alive in aquaria makes them less of a popular choice for aquarists to keep. However, because of the more vivid colours, patterns and behaviour of marine fish compared to freshwater fish, they are still reasonably popular. The advances in filtration technology and increase in available knowledge on how to maintain marine fish as well as the increasing number of aquarium-bred species is seeing a gradual rise in their popularity. Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish
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Gives information on how to increase your chances of success in keeping tropical fish when you have a small bowl or aquarium. This article was mainly written for freshwater fish hobbyists.
The goal of Fish Lore is to present accurate saltwater fish, tropical freshwater fish and aquarium fish information in a way that every fish keeper can understand. If you feel some of the aquarium fish information on Fish Lore should be updated or changed, please let us know! See you on the forum!FishLore provides aquarium fish tank information for tropical fish hobbyists, covering both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We present aquarium fish tank information in an easy to understand way so that more can enjoy our wonderful hobby! Consider joining us on the forum where you will find people that like to talk about fish tanks as much as you!After the first World War when electrification became widespread, private aquarium ownership blossomed. Innovations such as air pumps, silicone sealant, and acrylic aquariums boosted the hobby, while air freight introduced previously unknown tropical species to the masses. By the early 2000s, some 10 million households in the United States owned an aquarium. In 2006, a survey concluded that Americans kept near 150 million freshwater and saltwater fish.
A description of the important cycle that must take place in any freshwater tropical fish aquarium. If you have a freshwater fish tank that is recently setup and your fish are dropping like flies, please read this article.So you've started a freshwater tropical fish aquarium. The decor is perfect, the water has been de-chlorinated and you're ready to buy some fish. But, wait! Have you checked the temperature of your aquarium water? If you add new fish and aquatic plants to an aquarium that is too cold, or too warm, your aquarium is less likely to thrive. Regular maintenance of aquarium water, including close attention to water temperature, will ensure that your freshwater tropical fish stay healthy.