Yellow tropical fish. Vector illustration

Yellow tropical fish with purple stripes.
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Parrot cichlids, with their bright colors and other interesting features, are tropical and hybrid fish that offer an alternative to the more common Oscar or angelfish. They get their name from their parrot-like mouths and greenish yellow colorings. As with any companion animal, parrot cichlids come with responsibilities. The good news is that keeping parrot cichlids should be a breeze after you set up the tank, learn how to care for your fish, and learn how to treat common diseases.
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Don't most girls just love pink and purple? Those are the colors that jump out at me on this piece of fabric, which measures 27 inches long x 44 inches wide. Pink, purple, blue, yellow, ornage, gold and green tropical fish abound! This fabric was purchased at an estate sale, and was not laundered prior to listing.

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Photo provided by FlickrWhat Is This Blue And Yellow Tropical Fish
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A great lie is like a great fish on dry land; it may fret and fling and make a frightful bother, but it cannot hurt you. You have only to keep still, and it will die of itself.
~ George Crabbe

brilliant black and white striped tropical fish with a bright splash of yellow on its tail, underwater, bubbles, yellow, black, sparkling clear turquoise blue water, the tranquil calming effects of an aquarium

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