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Hikari Tropical Food Sticks for Top Feeding Carnivorous Fish - Walmart
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I'm 13. I know a lot about fish. That's all I do; it's my thing. I went to Walmart to buy a few stuff like chemicals or filter cartridges but today I wanted to buy a few Neons. I looked for support and found a person. He called for someone. No one came. I tried a different person. No one came so I got another different person. He helped; I asked for Neons. He gave me 2 Neons that were dying and one that was not even a Neon, so I took them home and they died when I got inside (I rode my bike with the fish 3 miles from home; they live for months in my tank from our local fish store). Walmart tanks are using one filter so that's always bad for Cichlids (in tropical tanks) goldfish and tropical fish. They had Plecos in very clean tanks and the very dirty tanks were just fish suffering. There were lots of dead fish eaten and dying, not to mention all going through the same filter. Bettas are in these tanks there either dead or trying to kill the other fish. I'm about ready to work there for free and clean the tanks and give the fishes second chances. Please only go to Walmart for fish chemicals or filter stuff, never fish!
Tropical freshwater fish are some of the most beautiful pets you can own
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1: If you have a Walmart near to you, or even severalWalmarts,make a point to visit them as soon as possible. Take notes! See how thefish are kept at your store first hand. Find out who is in charge of thefish department and ask some basic questions, like: what can you tell meabout keeping goldfish? I have a fishbowl at home. How manygoldfish doyou think I can keep in it? I think I have some tropical fish foodathome - I think I'll just feed them that. How do I care for goldfish? 1.5 Tropical Fish are a fun way to get that warm weather feeling all year round
Photo provided by FlickrKeep your pets happy and healthy using the Wardley Tropical Fish Flakes
Photo provided by FlickrYou guys are probably thinking that I am going to talk about how TERRIBLE walmart's fish dept
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GFS members from across the US have told horror stories about the terrible treatment fish receive at Walmart. Fish are forced to livein filthy water, dead fish and diseased fish abound in the tanks, andfish are overcrowded. Often, fish are kept with other incompatiblespecies, and goldfish are indiscriminantly mixed with tropicals. My localRochester, New York Walmart's pet department is dark, ill-lit, andnot supervised. To obtain help, one must seek an employee out. Seeingthe fish literally die before my eyes, suffering in these terribleconditions, is revolting. No animal should ever be treated this way,allowed to suffer endlessly until its inevitable death.