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Information to help you have success keeping tropical fish including setting up a fish tank
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Okay, I was considering getting a goldfish for my tropical fish tank but, I am convinced otherwise now. I have done it before but, DON’T plan on doing it agian… Thanks, this really opened my eyes.
Learn how to care for a tropical fish tank the easy way with these 5 aquarium maintenance tips. Follow these guidelines for happy, healthy fish.
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Tropical fish tanks in restaurants, hospitals and homes evoke feelings of tranquility and beauty. They even lower stress levels prior to and encourage Alzheimer's patients to eat . But what's good for humans may be bad for the sea. Performing regular Aquarium Water Changes is vital for a SUCCESSFUL tropical fish tank
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Wash out your tank with water only! Do not use soap or detergents. Soap residue left behind will be harmful for your tropical fish. If you are going to use an under gravel filter (not recommended) now would be the time to set it up as well.
It's a good idea to have in mind what kind of freshwater aquarium fish you want to keep in your freshwater aquarium setup before you purchase an aquarium. Some fish only grow to be an inch or two, whereas other types of tropical fish can grow 12 or 13 inches or more in length! Knowing what kind of fish you want will help you decide the size of the tank they will need. If this is your first time with an aquarium, it may be a good idea to start with a 10 or 20 gallon aquarium setup for now and stock it with some smaller and hardier species.The first thing you will learn about tropical fishkeeping, is that every fish is different, and you can’t simply throw a bunch of them into a tank, and feed them a couple of times per day. There is a LOT more to it than that. When looking for beginner freshwater fish, you need a species that will tick a few boxes;
Be prepared to spend some time once every week or two to clean your tank. Performing regular water changes will reduce the and keep your tropical fish happy and healthy.So, lets start with tank size and and kinds of tropical fish. Most tropical fish will get to be as large as one to three inches in length. A good rule of thumb for tropical community fish is 1" of fish per gallon of water. If you plan on having more than 10 fish (depending on their adult size), you may want to invest in a larger aquarium such as a 20 or 40 gallon. You will also need to purchase a hood with a UV light. Most aquariums that are sold in the stores include this. For tropical fish, always make sure to purchase a thermometer. These may be purchased at your local pet store. They have adhesive on them and may be placed on the outside of the aquarium. Along with this, you will need to purchase an aquarium heater(most heaters are easy to use and have valves for controlling your water temperature) and a filter. The filters come in all kinds and sizes. I use a filter that fits over the outside of the aquarium, and these filters work very well! They are power filters and have filter cartridges that must be replaced approximately every two weeks. Under- gravel filters are preferred by some individuals, but power filters are the most popular. They are easy to maintain and work extremely well at keeping your aquarium water filtered. See photo under the article section, Cleaning Your Aquarium.