Using Fish Antibiotics For Humans - What You Need To Know

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Recently, home aquariums were identified as a source of human infections with SGI1-containing Salmonella serovar Paratyphi B dT+ (, ), and we suggested that all of these strains have arisen from a single-cell progenitor (). The global ornamental tropical fish trade, which uses antibiotics for prophylactic treatment (), could provide a means of amplifying and then disseminating the clone globally. The first SGI1-containing Salmonella serovar Paratyphi B dT+ isolate with the ApCmSmSpSuTc resistance phenotype reported so far was isolated in 1997 from a tropical fish in Singapore (). The earliest human case of gastroenteritis caused by SGI1-containing Salmonella serovar Paratyphi B dT+ reported so far occurred in Canada in 1998 (), and equivalent isolates were not recovered in the United Kingdom or France until 2000 (, ). The relatively recent emergence of these strains makes it possible to examine the origins of this new pathogen. In this study, the emergence in Australia of SGI1-containing multiply antibiotic-resistant Salmonella serovar Paratyphi B dT+ strains that cause gastroenteritis in humans was monitored. The relationship of these strains to one another and to strains studied previously () that were isolated from owners of home aquariums and their aquariums was examined. The loss of antibiotic resistance genes when cells are grown without antibiotic selection also was studied.
This is a third generation antibiotic and is the most advanced antibiotic approved for use in tropical fish
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The study claims it is rare for diseases to pass from fish to humans, but those with poor immune systems and people who own and work with tropical fish are particularly vulnerable. Miller-Morgan advises fish owners to only purchase healthy fish and to avoid cleaning tanks with open cuts or sores on the skin. Likewise, sick fish should be immediately removed from the tank and new fish should be quarantined for 30 days. Fish owners should always wash their hands after working with fish and never use antibiotics in a fish tank unless advised to do so by a vet. Fish antibiotics saved more than a tank full of the wiggly little gups. How can they f*** those of us who breed lovely little tropical fish!?!
Photo provided by FlickrIt contains sections for the novice and more advanced hobbyist alike, many tropical fish pictures are includedbroad spectrum antibiotics.
Photo provided by FlickrNO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED ON FISH ANTIBIOTICS. Blister packs are labeled for tropical fish use only. Do not use on humans. Keep away from children.
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Numerous of the diseases to which tropical fish are subject are caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., and whilst it is practically impossible for the average aquarist to diagnose these diseases with out the essential scientific training, it is reasonable to assume that most of them are caused by the invasion of the system by disease-producing bacteria or micro-organisms, and as a result could be experimented upon with antibiotics. When it comes to your pets, you want to make sure you are giving them high-quality treatments when they are feeling or looking sick. At Goldman Pharmaceuticals, we believe in providing quality care for all types of goldfish, , aquarium fish, ornamental fish, and tropical fish. We ensure the health of your fish with pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics such as fish Amoxicillin or Fish Forte.Goldman Pharmaceuticals offers a variety of products, including and , , , , and in a selection of sizes. Our high-quality fish antibiotics can be used for fungal infections, bacterial infections, parasites, worms, and other ailments that commonly affect goldfish, ornamental fish, and tropical fish. More than that, our antibiotics are made from 100% pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics and never contain fillers.“We don’t think individuals should ever use antibiotics in a random, preventive or prophylactic method,” Miller-Morgan said. “Even hobbyists can learn more about how to identify tropical fish parasites and diseases, and use antibiotics only if a bacterial disease is diagnosed.”