Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament Decor Treasure Chest Diver Air Action

Treasure Chest Box Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament Air Action Under Water Decoration
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DIGIFLEX Aquarium Fish Tank Diver and Treasure Chest Decoration Ornament
This attractive fish tank ornament features a diver attached to a chain connected to a open treasure chest. The chest lid reveals the glistening treasure inside. You can connect the tank with an air pump to make the chest open and close.

Treasure Chest Fish Tank so very, very cool! Wonder if Cap't Jack comes with it? lol
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Philip Sherman's office fish tank is the fish tank owned by the dentist located in in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the main locations in . The fish tank contains various fake corals and seaweeds, a bubble-blowing treasure chest (' favorite toy), a Tiki hut, a diving helmet (' hideout), a pirate skull ('s hideout), a trio of Tiki heads (based on the producers of the film), a "Didn't Brush" sign and barrel, a pirate ship (which has the mermaid from as a figurehead), and a "swimming" scuba diver puppet. Whimsical Mermaid on Treasure Chest ~ aquarium ornament fish tank decoration
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Pirate themed fish tank. Setup uses some store bought decorations and gifts. The treasure chest was a first attempt a making a bubbler by modification.Each piece of wood is hand cut and sanded to a quality finish and then stained or painted to the specified color in your order. The Pieces are then put together and screwed to a sturdy frame. The entire Treasure Chest Aquarium Stand is then stained again after assembly to its final shade. Sealant is applied which gives it a glossy finish and is necessary to keep the stand in good shape for years. As stated above the Stand in our living room pictured in our photo gallery has a standard stain finish and looks today the same as it did 20 yrs ago.Our Treasure Chest Aquarium Stands are sturdy and made to last a lifetime. Our standard size holds a 20 gallon aquarium tank.We cut and prepare all the wood by hand in our shop. The stain color for each stand is determined by you and your preferences of wood, color and stains. You can have us match your Treasure Chest Aquarium your own home decor by simply supplying us with a sample of the color and by picking from the colors of stains and paints we list here on our website.We also offer different handles and decor that can accessorize your tank to suit your own home decor. And we also do custom wood burning if you would like a Monogram on the door, or a pattern on the lid. The ideas are limitless so take your time, figure out what you would like your 20 Gallon Treasure Chest Aquarium Stand to look like and place your order, we will contact you directly for the details and will be in touch with you throughout the building of it.We enjoy creating these one of a kind tanks because each tank is unique in itself as no 2 pieces of wood are the same, therefore the pattern in the wood makes each tank look different from another tank. Keep this in mind if you are ordering a custom tank.The tanks we have pictured on our site are completed tanks and several of the photos were provided by our customers who sent them after they received their Stand and setup their tanks inside. But we customize tanks everyday as we build them to suit our customers requests so feel free to be creative when ordering.We do not provide the Aquarium Tank itself as they are impossible to ship without risking breakage. You can purchase an aquarium tank from you local pet store for fish store.Bestgoo New Style Action Aquarium Ornament, Undersea Treasure Chest Diver, Live-Action Aerating Fish Tank Decorations ** Want to know more, click on the image.Many times people add an (powered by the air pump) to their aquarium simply to provide a beautiful flow of tiny bubbles. There are all different shapes and sizes of air stones, as well as ornaments that function with an air pump. (Remember the old opening and closing treasure chest in the Dr.'s office fish tank?) Some Air Stones and ornaments also include LED lighting for dramatic effects.