Favorite game fish of: (“Great fish to cast to”)

 Do you often cook fish on the stovetop? What's your favorite way to cook it?
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That’s great. I’ve love to make it one day myself. I too have a fish sauce in progress. I’m about a year into it now and plan to harvest it in the next couple months. I’ve used 25% salt to fish. Let us know how yours turns out. I’ll have a post on the topic here in the next couple months.
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Few foods can rival a sliver of raw fish, impeccably fresh and minimally adorned, whether it's perched atop a mound of sushi rice or swimming in a . And yet, despite the popularity of incredibly simple dishes like , sashimi, crudo, , and tartares on restaurant menus, for many cooks, preparing raw fish at home remains a daunting task. Get the Top Stories from In-Fisherman Delivered to Your Inbox Every Week
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Photo provided by FlickrOctopus are amazingly intelligent, and cuttle fish are really, really intelligent
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The number 1 top US consumed seafood, shrimp is rich in iodine, a building block of your metabolism-running thyroid hormones. Shrimp is a low-fat, low-calorie shellfish that can be enjoyed weekly, due to its low mercury content. Unfortunately, you won’t get much heart-healthy, immunity-boosting omega-3 benefits, but they still taste great with pasta in shrimp scampi or in our recipe.The lobetoothed piranha (P. denticulate), which is found primarily in the basin of the Orinoco River and the tributaries of the lower Amazon, and the San Francisco piranha (P. piraya), a species native to the San Francisco River in Brazil, are also dangerous to humans. Most species of piranhas, however, never kill large animals, and piranha attacks on people are rare. Although piranhas are attracted to the smell of blood, most species scavenge more than they kill. Some 12 species called wimple piranhas (genus Catoprion) survive solely on morsels nipped from the fins and scales of other fishes, which then swim free to heal completely.A popular fish in Florida, the grouper is a bottom eating fish with hearty, but light, meat. This large fish prefers to swallow its prey (including fish, octopi, and crustaceans) whole. Because of it’s high mercury levels, you’d do best to eat this fish as often as you vacation.Today we get a closer look at what My friend Rachel's top 5 favourite aquarium fish are right now!

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