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Wait a minute, there are fish I shouldn’t buy for my Aquarium? Yes, that is correct. In fact there are lots of fish that nearly every pet store / fish store sells that have no place in any standard home aquarium. Today I’m gonna go over the top 10 fish …
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Below is a detailed list of aquarium fish from the most expensive to the cheapest in the market today. It is important to note that the price of aquarium fish varies mostly depending on the scarcity of certain species. This is why it is possible to get expensive and cheap fish belonging to the same species. The most expensive aquarium fish are obviously the most expensive. When you spend thousands of dollars on the best aquarium, you want aquarium fish with a matching price tag. The same applies when you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Fish are very unique and amazing pets. Below are top 10 aquarium fish for every budget. Top 10 Mistakes New Fish Hobbyists Make | PetHelpful
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You went to the Pet Store, purchased the perfect 10 gallon aquarium kit, which probably inclued the tank, filter system, heater, aquarium top, light, fish net, and your first water conditioner sample. You purchase some gravel, a few fake plants, and...Hi Amanda. In my opinion that's too many fish for a 10 gallon. Also, the guppies, cories and cherry barbs are shoaling fish, which means you need 5-6 of them minimum to keep their stress levels down. Dwarf gourami can be aggressive (I know, the pet stores say they aren't) and I'd especially be concerned with them and the frog. The frogs tend to sit at the top of the water where they can be easily picked on. I'd consider paring this down to either a school of cories and a school of cherry barbs or guppies. You could maybe add the frogs or the snail as well, but not both. Or, go with the cories and a pair of a dwarf gourami.