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Place the time release food block in your aquarium. Multiple food blocks can be positioned across aquarium floor to accommodate territorially aggressive fish. One Original Banquet block will feed approximately 15-20 average sized aquarium fish.

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Keeping your pond fish healthy and thriving depends greatly on providing them with a regular feeding schedule. While certainly not difficult, making sure you are providing the right amount of food at the right time every day can be a challenge. This becomes more acute if you leave for several days at a time. Providing your fish with an automatic feeder or slow-release food block will eliminate this issue entirely, supplying your pond fish with the food they need and taking one more chore off your busy plate.

Pet Mountain's Pond Fish Feeder store features top quality products from the most trusted names in the pond and fish care industry, including Fish Mate and Tetra Pond. The will make sure that your fish don't go hungry while you're away! This oversize feeder holds up to 6.5 lbs of pellet or stick food and comes with a programmable LCD panel to ensure your fish get fed when they need to. The Fish Mate P7000 fish feeders help ensure that your fish are fed regular, controlled portions to help maximize their health and vitality without worrying about over-feeding. The will feed all pond fish for up to 7 days, without clouding your pond water. This gel based block will allow you to keep total peace of mind when traveling.

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Photo provided by FlickrTime Release food Block made especially for sucker-mouth type Catfish.
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If you just can't stand the thought of your fish not eating for the amount of time you'll be gone, invest in an automatic fish feeder. These fish food dispensers are relatively inexpensive and they can actually be put into full time use, even when you are at home. You can fill them with a mix of tropical fish flakes (or other flake or pellet foods, depending on the fish you keep) and it should be several weeks before you need to refill the food container. Most are fully adjustable (you can release as little or as much food as allowed), operate on batteries and will easily attach to the top of the tank.Place the time release food block in your aquarium. Multiple food blocks can be positioned across aquarium floor to accommodate territoriality aggressive fish. One Original Banquet® Block will feed approximately 15-20 average sized aquarium fish.Time-Release Blocks. The most common method of vacation fish feeding is using the inexpensive feeder blocks that slowly dissolve or are grazed upon, releasing food over the course of a few days to two weeks. These seem to be quite adequate for a typical community tank of tetras, barbs and the like, who can generally be counted upon to eat practically anything organic with gusto. The blocks are less effective for larger or aggressive fish, as a few dominant individuals will often declare the block to be their own, or a glutton will whittle them away in a few hours. The binders used in feeder blocks do slowly dissolve in the aquarium water, but are generally safe for a typical freshwater community tank if not used too frequently between water changes. It is probably best not to use them in tanks where water chemistry is critical, such as marine aquariums or the soft/acid setups sometimes used for discus and other South American species.Automatic fish food dispensers are suitable for flake or pellets, and you can set them to release food up to several times a day. Some brands of fish tank have their own dispenser that fits neatly under the canopy, while other generic feeders clip inside any tank. Mechanical dispensers can be a bit temperamental and don’t always work as expected, so if you do get one, give it a try for a week under supervision to see how accurate it is and make any necessary adjustments to quantities and timings. Don’t stick it on and hope for the best or you could come home to an ugly mess or a ravenous fish.