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Tetra’s myFeeder is designed very similarly to automatic fish feeders currently on the market, such as the offerings from Eheim and Lifegard. To administer the food, a rotating drum is cycled once with a small opening allowing fish food to drop through.
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Tetra fish are top eaters, means they eat whatever is lying on the water surface. So if they don’t eat the feed offered before three minutes, the leftover food will settle down at the bottom of the tank. This waste will create a huge amount of bio load and biomass adding up to already created by fish excreta. So as a breeder and owner of these beautiful creatures it is your responsibility to provide a good quality filter to clean water and make it hygienic for the Cardinal Tetra fish. Cichlid Fish Food and Pellets | Tetra Aquarium
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Wardley is the least expensive of the recommended brands and is also available in bulk, but the Wardley brand name lacks the range of "specialty flakes" that Aquarian and Tetra offer. As far as these specialty flakes go, the only one I have any use for are the "green" flakes that are high in vegetable matter. Most of these vegetable flakes contain Spirulina, which is a photosynthetic cyanobacterium (so Spirulina is not an alga as is generally assumed). Spirulina is quite high in protein and a great source of many amino acids that are otherwise difficult to acquire. Health food stores are full of the stuff. Spirulina flakes are just what you need for mollies and a host of other vegetarian fishes. Aquarian and Tetra also offer Spirulina enriched wafers that sink, which are very good for algae-eating bottom feeders like plecos.Tetra fish have hearty appetites and will eat most freeze-dried and flaked food as their staple diet. But as carnivores, they require some meat in their diet as well. Try frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex worms, and brine shrimp.Doing a quick review here of a good fish food that I use a lot on my tanks and the fish really like this stuff. But I really like is that it's not super messy inside the aquarium because a lot of regular tropical flakes have a tendency to disperse everywhere and get super messy. The Tetra Min Tropical Crisps are a nice clean way to go. Very happy customer here.The TetraMin Tropical Flakes will not cloud your water and is a easily digestible fish food that promotes long life. It features the patented ProCare, a health enhancing blend that contains Omega 3 fatty acids (gives fish healthy fat needed for energy and growth), ingredients that boosts the fish’s immune system and a biotin supplement to bolster metabolism. It comes in container sizes from 0.42oz – 4.52lb.Tetra Bloodworms are a nutritious supplement to Tetra Flake Foods and they’re suitable for small-medium sized Tropical and Marine fish. The bloodworms are frozen and dried, and when digested, provides fish with energy and conditioning.A breeding aquarium for the lemon tetra thus requires good quality filtration and aeration, fine leaved plants, and an 'egg trap' present to prevent large-scale losses because of the aforementioned parental instincts. Temperature should be slowly raised over a period of a few days to 28 °C, the pair conditioned with copious quantities of live foods if possible, and the aquarium should be sited so as to receive illumination by morning sunshine, as this is a well-documented spawning stimulus for the lemon tetra. Parent fishes should be removed from the breeding aquarium and returned to the main aquarium once spawning is complete. Sometimes, best results are obtained by using two males with one female.