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Like other tetras, the Head and Tail Light Tetra likes to be in small schools of 6 or more. They are generally peaceful fish and do really well in live plant aquariums. Water should be kept slightly on the acidic side. Since they come from the slower moving waters in the Amazon Basin it may be a good idea to give them a slower current in the home aquarium as well.
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glofish....these really exist...aquarium kit includes blue LED lights and the fish actually glow (danios, pictured, and tetra varieties)....MUST HAVE #seaspacecoralforest ColorFusion Color Changing LED Light | Tetra Aquarium - Tetra-Fish
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The right lighting for your aquarium can make your fish look prettier, such as the neon tetras in the photo above. However, there are other, more important reasonsfor choosing the proper lighting for your fish tank. Proper aquarium lighting provides energy for aquarium plants and photosynthetic animals. For example, live plants and coralswill not survive without the proper lighting.The glowlight Tetra is a really nice looking tetra with an orange-red stripe that runs the length of its semi-transparent body. Proper aquarium lighting levels with a dark fish tank bottom can help enhance the colors of the glowlight Tetra. They are slightly smaller than other commonly available tetras and should be kept with similar sized and non-aggressive species. They will do really well in an aquarium with live plants. Like other small tetras, such as the Neon Tetras, this fish does best in small schools (shoal) of 5 or more. Do not keep them with larger species that could potentially eat them. Even if you keep them in schools they can still be a little shy, keeping a low profile most of the time.Today there is a vast assortment of aquarium lighting options available at places such as . The lighting and bulbs that you choosewill depend on what type of aquarium you have. For example, the neon tetra tank above will use a different type of lighting than a reef tank such as that shown below:Tetras need room to swim, so choose a 20-gallon tank or larger. Rocks, driftwood, and plants provide shade when fish need a break from the aquarium light. Tetras swim at mid-level, so you can create a beautiful, diverse environment by adding fish that swim near the top (like the Fancy Guppy) and bottom (like Plecostomus) of the tank.Tetra Glo Fish Universal Aquarium Light includes 24 Blue LED's (Blue LEDs enhance the colors of the GloFish ) Adjustable clamp fits framed and frameless aquariums. Converts up to a 15 gallon aquarium to a GloFish habitat.Tetras are popular fish to keep in a home aquarium, due to their bright colors and simple care requirements. Many species of tetras exist, but among the popular kinds are neon tetras and cardinal tetras. The care requirements of each species varies slightly, so it's important to research the specific needs of the kind that you keep.