Tetra Cube 3 Gallon Fish Tank Review - All About Betta Fish Tanks

Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit 3 Gallon Small Fish tank goldfish betta Starter Aquarium #Tetra
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Moreover, the fish tank has a sleek, strong and blissfully transparent plastic that offers you an unparalleled view of the cute little underwater habitat he has set up. Moreover, the Tetra 29095 also comes with Tetra(R) fish tank filter that works magically to keep the 3-gallon tank clean, providing your little fish with a perfectly balanced habitat.
Cube Aquarium Kit 3-Gallon Filter Lid Light Betta Tropical Fish Goldfish Tank #Tetra
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The Tetra(R) 3i filter included in the package is an internal filter rated for aquariums up to 3 gallons. Thus, it provides just enough flow rate and filtration to keep your tank clean and the Betta happy. The design makes it easy to set up and maintain the tank. The top features a feeding hole for easy feeding of your pet fish. A setup guide is also included for even a beginner can get starting with the fish keeping hobby. Tetra Half Moon Led Bubbler 3Gallon Fish Tank Tropical Fish Bowl Filter Pump New #Tetra #Fish #Tank #Bow #Filter
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Photo provided by FlickrHey guys :) This is my first video on here and it's an unboxing of the Tetra GloFish 3 gallon tank
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The Tetra Half Moon Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit is 3 gallons, which is a decent size for a single betta and several decorations. I have easily fit various decorations into the tanks to help my fish feel sheltered and safe. Although I state that 3 gallons is the perfect size for a betta in the video, most people (including myself) actually recommend 5 gallons or more. I was simply referring to 3 gallons being ideal because it’s more than the recommended tank size minimum of 2.5 gallons.Hey guys :)

This is my first video on here and it's an unboxing of the Tetra GloFish 3 gallon tank. I bought it specifically for my betta fish. It was the only available tank of 3 gallons at my local WalMart. Hope you enjoyed the video. I'll be doing more videos of getting my fish, acclimating it, and introducing it to its' new home :D

Thanks for watching!I’ve always been a fan of Tetra aquariums, and this 3 gallon fish tank is no exception. In my personal opinion, I think it’s a perfect addition to any office, living room and even your kitchen, since it is small enough that it can fit just about anywhere, but also big enough for a betta fish. Before I get into the features, pros and cons of this Tetra aquarium, here’s a bit about the Tetra company in case you don’t know much about them.
Tetra Waterfall Globe 1.8 Gallon Aquarium
Tetra LED 3 Gallon Cube Kit – 3 Gallon styrene tank with pedestal base. Above tank LED lighting with low voltage power adaptor. Convenient feeding hole with lid. Whisper 3i filter.
Equipped with a Tetra 3i filter to keep your tank clean and provide a perfect environment for small tropical fish.
The tank features an LED light to show off your fish.
Lid features a convenient feeding hole.
Perfect for small tropical fish, goldfish or betta.
Equipped with a Tetra 3i filter to keep your tank clean and provide a perfect environment for small tropical fish
The tank features an LED light to highlight your fish
The lid features a convenient feeding hole
For small tropical fish, goldfish, or a betta
10″ D x 10″W x 10.512″H
Continuing our countdown of Betta fish tanks, this is a slightly bigger Tetra tank than the globe at 3 gallons, so if you need a bit more room for things like and other then this should be perfect. This tank also comes with a handful of features that will make it even better for your Betta, including:Tetra is one of the most trusted brands that manufactures aquarium related products on the market. And this 3-gallon fish tank kit from Tetra comes with a unique shape, many useful features, and a variety of accessories.