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I just bought a 55 gallon fish tank and it came with a canopy that was home made and a double tube T5 fixture from home depot. I did my research and this can be the cause of major algae problems which I helped the guy break the tank down and algae was EVERYWHERE! so I was thinking about purchasing new light fixtures but I wasnt sure if I should change them or not.
If not T5 does anyone have any other suggestions for lighting for a fish only tank
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The goal of aquarium lighting fixtures is to replicate the natural conditions of light in your tank so that your inhabitants can normalize their behavioral cycles like spawning or feeding. Most aquarium fish and corals need up to 12 hours a day of the appropriate level of daylight to be healthy and grow. Additionally, lighting can really highlight your tank and affect the colors of your corals and help you see your fish and tank inhabitants better. At Bulk Reef Supply we offer an assortment of reliable and durable tank lights and accessories at reasonable prices. We carry T5 fluorescent from Hamilton Technology, ATI, Giesemann, UV Lighting Company and Korallen Zucht. We have a variety of metal halide single end and double end bulbs from Iwasaki, XM, Radium, Ushio and Hamilton Technology. Ecotech Marine, Aqua Illuminations and JBJ supply our LED line. Power Compact and VHO T12. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment of your tank and an opportunity to customize the look of your tank through type of light, shimmering light or bulb color. At Bulk Reef Supply, we offer an assortment of reliable and durable tank lights and accessories to complete any aquarium setup. Our website also highlights long-lasting and high-quality aquarium LED lights and fixtures. Fish Tank Lighting - LED Light Fixtures, T5 HO Lights, Aquarium Hoods, Fluorescent Lights & More
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Throwing together a little DIY lighting for my aquarium.

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I went an bought an 8 inch wide, 8 foot tall plank, 1 8 foot poplar and another 4 foot long 2x4 or other cross support (not shown here) These 8 inch pieces are what is going to be seen so you want to do a good job cutting and prepping them. I cut them for a 75. 18.5 inches on the sides, the front is 50.5 (but measure your own, sorry no metric) Part two coming up.

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how to build t5 aquarium lights
How to build aquarium lights cheaply
Welcome to the Aquarium T-5 HO Light Fixtures superstore! High output T5 fluorescent aquarium lighting bulbs draw more power than regular fluorescent bulbs, but produce far stronger and clearer light with moderate heat. T5 HO fixtures are ideal for small-to-medium aquarium setups, especially with live plants or reef components, as they encourage strong and vibrant photosynthetic growth and activity. Our selection of T5 HO fixtures have designs made to fit your tank and get your aquarium looking great today!

Pet Mountain's Aquarium T-5 HO Light Fixtures store features top quality products from Coralife, one of the most trusted names in aquarium lighting and fixtures. The is a light fixture for saltwater aquariums. The streamlined fixture design wonderfully displays your live plants and fish with brilliant lighting. This compact fixture takes up very little space and allows for easy access to the lamps. Features an on/off switch and built-in ballast, adjustable width tank mounts and comes with one 14W 10,000k lamp and one 14W True Actinic 03 that's perfect for saltwater and reef aquariums.

The perfect saltwater, reef and planted tanks, and it comes complete with two high output lamps. Each high output lamp can provide approximately twice the light output of a traditional T8 lamp making these fixtures a great choice for saltwater aquariums and aquariums with live plants.

come with four high output T5 lamps as well as directional LED moonlights. This makes these fixtures ideal for saltwater and reef tanks. The directional LEDs can be positioned to add a shimmering moonlight accent over a specific area in your tank or the LEDs can be set to provide a more even distribution of moonlight.

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