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You could get 4-6 Kuhli loaches, low bio load fish and awesome snail eater.
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While snails are not the greatest algae eaters available in the fish keeping hobby today, they are still a very popular choice. Back in the day, snails were the only wildlife a hobbyist could use to control their algae, so they became popular out of necessity. In recent years, however, the demand for freshwater snails has increased, and people are becoming more and more open to the idea of keeping snails as pets.
One of my favorite snail eaters is Carinotetraodon travancoricus (a puffer, but a tiny one the size of a pea). A very cool fish.
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I have 5 goldfish, a coy, an algae eater, and 2 water snails. They all get along. I wonder if a bristlenose plecos would get along with another one of its kind. I've currently got a strange mix of fish and I'm looking to add some sort of snail eater that will mix in
Photo provided by FlickrI'm looking for a fish to help rid my tank of snails without attacking any of my other fish. I have heard dwarf puffers are the best snail eaters, but.
Photo provided by FlickrThe right snail eater for me! - Tropical fish forum at the Age of Aquariums - dedicated to promoting responsible fish-keeping internationally.
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Snail eating fish
The introduction of snail eating fish can help to control the snail population.
Not all snail eating fish are equally good in removing snails and some fish are great snails eaters, but aren't well suited for most aquaria. An example of the latter are puffer, which primary feed on snails, but also tend to get aggressive towards other fish.
A list of snail eating fish is available at the of this site. Ramshorn Snail – While these snails are an excellent algae eater, they can also be a danger to many aquatic plants. If there isn’t sufficient food in an aquarium, then they may begin to consume fine leafed plants – something no fish-keeper wants.If you are willing to deal with the issues that introducing a new fish to your aquarium entails, then there are several fish that are voracious snail eaters.For snail control, you may want to look at a Talking Catfish(AKA: Raphael cat fish). They are known to eat snails whole and poop out the shells and are not known to damage plants. Nerite snails are known to eat all kinds of algae including the types that other snails or algae eaters will not eat such as Blue Green Algae and Green Spot Algae. The only thing is that they have a tendency to unrelentlessly lay eggs which don't hatch but will litter your aquarium with what looks like salt crystals.Instead of stocking your tank with fish that eat pellets or flakes, pick up a natural-born killer. You don’t need a piranha or any particularly mean fish. Your local pet store should carry several ordinary varieties of freshwater fish that are happy to make meals out of small snails and eggs. Clown loaches, friendly striped fish, fit in well with other peaceful fish and reduce snail infestations. Betta fish eat small snails or eggs, but only one male can inhabit a tank. Malawi cichlids eat snails too, but they’re also more aggressive and could bully your other fish if they don’t fit in. Before you select a snail-eater, ask your pet store for a recommendation catered to your resident fish. Keep your tank’s maximum capacity in mind when adding additional fish, to avoid overcrowding.Fish aren't the only snail-eaters. Assassin snail (Clea helena) are voracious predators of fellow snails. These snails grow to about half an inch long. Adding one to two assassin snails per gallon of aquarium water will rapidly eradicate other snails. After wiping out other snails, assassin snails will subsist on scavenged fish food. As a bonus, assassin snails breed very slowly, so they are unlikely to become pests themselves.