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The Bala Shark is also called the Silver Shark, Tricolor Shark, or Shark Minnow, but don't be fooled by the word "shark." This fish's name is derived solely from its rigid, upright triangular dorsal fin and torpedo-shaped body, which make it superficially resemble that ferocious and predatory ocean fish.
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The Bala shark is a popular aquarium fish and is easy to keep in captivity. It is hardy and tough and will not require a lot of pampering from its keeper. The Bala shark is also appreciated for its beautiful silvery colouration. Unfortunately it can grow too big for many home aquariums. It is frequently sold as a small juvenile in pet shops and many buyers do not realise exactly how large this fish can grow and how large the aquarium must be. It is a docile species and will rarely show any aggressive behaviour. Even fish that is smaller than the Bala shark will usually be safe in the aquarium, and the Bala sharks are therefore often kept with small tetras and similar. Even though the Bala shark is docile and non-aggressive, it is seldom bullied by other fish in a community aquarium since the Bala shark is large and also very swift. It is recommended to keep a group of at least five individuals. Several Bala sharks will stay together and feel much safer in the aquarium. A single Bala shark can become stressed and nervous and hide a lot. It might also uproot plants and gravel. This fish resembles a shark by its body shape, silver color, and its fins.
Photo provided by FlickrThe silver sharks may become a semi-aggressive or predatory to smaller fish when they grow.
Photo provided by FlickrOther fish types that resemble sharks to people are the Rainbow shark, Siamese algae eater, Silver Apollo shark, and the Chinese Hi Fin Shark.
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The Bala Shark is also known as the Silver Shark and is a growing favorite among tropical fish hobbyists. The Bala Shark isn't a shark at all though. It belongs in the Cyprinidae family. They are commonly named silver sharks because of their appearance and the shape of their dorsal fin. These "sharks" require large tanks because of their potential adult size of 13 inches and because this fish does better when kept in groups. The Bala Shark is mostly peaceful but may eat smaller fish such as neon tetras when they reach a large enough size.I just bought 2 silver sharks today to go in my 10 gallon tank. They are both around 3 inches and I also have two lepoard . The guy I bought the shark fish from knew all of this, but now I'm reading they need at least a 40 gallon tank. Will I kill them if I leave them in the small tank?Also, be warned that these Bala sharks are excellent jumpers. Have a hood on your aquarium to prevent your Silver Shark from leaping to its death. They are very fast swimmers and will dart around your aquarium very quickly. Be sure you don't have any sharp objects in your aquarium that could injure your fish.Bala sharks, also knows as silver sharks, shark minnows and tricolor sharks, aren't sharks. They're large, tropical freshwater fish who grow up to 14 inches long. They resemble sharks slightly, thanks to their top dorsal fins, but bala sharks are bony fish. Determining gender is a challenge, but it's easier if you know the fish are the same age.Silver (Bala) Sharks are a joy. Absolutely and completely friendly with all kinds of fish. I have a Congo Tetra, a gigantic Pleco, Yoyo (Bangladeshi) Loach, a Bumble Bee Catfish, Thin Lined (Zebra) Loach and a Male Siamese Fighter and they all co-exsist in harmony. The Sharks will school with both the Congo Tetras and also the Loaches. Sometimes all three will school together!The Bala shark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus) is a very popular fish among tropical fish enthusiasts which is also known as the Hangus, Malaysian Shark, Silver Bala, Silver Shark, Tricolor Shark, Tri-color Shark Minnow etc. The Bala shark is not a true shark and it is a ray finned bony fish which belongs to the family Cyprinidae under Order Cypriniformes of Class Actinopterygii. The Bala shark is called shark due to its torpedo-shaped body and large fins. The Bala shark is distributed in the Mekong and Chao Phraya basins around the Malay Peninsula and in the waters surrounding Borneo and Sumatra. It inhabits the midwater regions of large and moderately sized lakes and rivers.