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Although I will personally always be a live plant lover, there are many reasons to go for plastic or silk plants in an aquarium. They can’t accidentally be killed, they can’t be eaten by hungry fish and they definitely don’t have to look bad. So what are the pros and cons of artificial plants?
biOrb Silk Plant Set Aquarium Artificial Plants - Purple - M
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When looking to decorate your aquarium, search for the plants that are specifically manufactured for your water type. Sea Garden is one of the more popular brands to manufacture silk aquarium plants. The Sea Garden Saltwater Series is specially designed for saltwater aquariums. These plants are modeled after real plants you might find in the ocean such as seaweed and kelp. Sea Garden Freshwater Series Aquarium Décor is specially designed plants that look like real live freshwater plant species such as the tiger lotus and the Amazon sword plant. Another popular brand of silk plants is Tetra. Tetra Silk Water Wonders manufactures a great selection of silk plants to add to any under waterscape. This brand provides a wide selection of plants in many different shapes and sizes. Petco Purple Cluster Silk Aquarium Plant
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There are two types of plants for an aquarium: live plants and artificial plants (which can be made of plastic, silk, or other textiles). They all have their pros and cons and depending on your available time, dedication, and kept, determining which is best for you can be quite difficult.Silk aquarium plants are a wonderful solution to having full and vibrant plants all the time with minimum responsibility and maintenance. Not only do these silk aquarium plants provide realistic beauty but they convey realistic movement unlike plastic plants. Real plants differ from silk plants because they do not alter the chemistry of the water. They do not produce waste or debris that will pollute or cloud the water and they do not need to be trimmed or tended to. Overall silk plants provide a realistic alternative to aquarium gardening without the added work. Silk: Like plastic aquarium plants, silk plants provide a relatively no-hassle decoration for your tank and can make your betta feel more at home. Although silk plants do not produce oxygen like natural plants, the leaves are softer than plastic plants. Because silk plants have no hard edges and are more lifelike in their movement, they are less likely than plastic plants to catch or snag your.When it comes to fake aquarium plants there are two choices: silk and plastic. These are both great solutions to a planted aquarium with as little maintenance as possible. They both offer realistic decoration while offering practical shelter and refuge for fish. The difference between silk and plastic plants is that the silk plants provide natural movement much like real plants do Plastic plants do not provide the same natural movement but they are much more durable and sturdy. If you have disruptive fish such as cichlids you would want the more hearty plastic plants. If your fish are not so rambunctious the decision is yours to make depending upon what you prefer. A single aquarium can contain both textures of silk and plastic plants if that is your preference.Unlike the original fake aquarium plants, the silk plants sold in aquatic retail stores today are very much like the real thing. These fake silk plants are so realistic that it is not noticeably unreal unless viewed within a close proximity. For the sake of realism, silk aquatic plants have been fashioned after the real thing right down to the last detail of color, size, shape and proportion. Most of the natural aquatic plants are replicated for use in the aquarium hobby. You can find many of the plant species from a variety of grass, fern and moss to broad, small and long leaved foliage. There are over 56 different varieties of silk plants available at aquatic retail locations and websites.Fake plants are also great in kids’ aquariums. Aquariums are a great way to teach children responsibility. Cleaning the aquarium, feeding the fish, and watching them grow are wonderful and exciting ways to get your children to learn a little bit of responsibility. Real aquatic plants could be difficult for a child to tend to when first learning how to take care of their new fish tank. Silk plants provide the perfect solution to beginner planted aquariums.