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The tanks they build and they fish they show are beautiful and amazing
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My son Jeremiah has always been a big pet lover. He has had every thing from chickens to lizard to guinea pig to fish. Just recently he had me use his fish tank for his new found friend an agama lizard. My son watches your show in amazement every day. He sits there in awe wishing for a tank like the ones you build!! I absolutely think it would be my sons dream come true for you to build him “the best tank ever!!” He has always been such a creative young man, and has so many ideas for a custom built fish tank! If you all would ever consider building him one, he would absolutely fall over with excitement!! Please keep us in mind for your next big idea!!!
Show tanks, unless specifically designed for large numbers, would usually only be able to support small groups of fish.
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A group of fish tank experts build elaborate and sometimes expensive salt water fish tanks for a variety of customers - usually on a short deadline. Shows typically include researching fish... Spongebob decor idea for our fish tank lol personally I don't like the show but this would b a neat idea to do for Austin's fish tank
Photo provided by FlickrA lot of the reasons the tanks seen in the show come together so quickly is the fish are prequarantined and the water is fish-ready.
Photo provided by FlickrIn this HD Vlog Video I show you my new addition to the PSW Cichlid Fish Tank, which is an H2-Show w/ Red LED Volcano and Bubbles! :)
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The channel commissioned Sharp — independent production companies usually get 10% of the show budget — to produce six episodes of what came to be called "Fish Tank Kings." Living Color was on its way to being seen across the United States and in 35 countries.I absolutely love your show, you guys crack me up…..the tanks you guys do are amazing, my husband loves fish but we cant afford any beutiful ones like yours. He has a 55 gal with boring fish in it. No colors available around us…….i see the beautiful freshwater colors you guys have wish I could find some for him but my favorite tank was a round one pictured on this website……..MAN that was awesome. If you ever feel like rewarding someone for loving your show and not missing any episodes, im your person and my husband would be so very grateful……love you guys and all that are on the show, cool people. If you ever feel like expanding to Madison WI i would love to work for you guys.Roy also had to mesh Living Color's actual work product with the needs Of the video series. "Fish Tank Kings" spends an average of $165,000 per episode and follows only a few of the aquariums that the company is building at a given time. Producers want to maximize their crew's time on site, and Roy had to see to it that the company was working on one of the projects the show was following when a crew was in town.For years now the Fred Hall Shows have had a Saltwater Mobile Aquarium. Most of the year it lives at Cal State University Northridge in the Marine Biology Department. Dr. Larry Allen helped to see this project through to fruition. The tank is trailed to the show (very carefully) then a tanker truck full of filtered sea water (not something you find on every corner) is brought in to fill the aquarium. Then the special nearshore species of fish are brought in (again carefully) and gently placed in the aquarium. Accurate Fishing Tackle sponsors the tank and hourly seminars are given at this venue. It is one of the most popular features at a Fred Hall Show.I am 9 years old and watch your show all the time. I have a 14 gallon bio cube with two – 3 year old clown fish. They have spawned a couple times…and I’ve tried to hatch them. I have it on video. I share my bedroom with my brother and sister and love them just as much as I do…we’ve named them Boss and Reeses. They are outgrowing their tank and I would like to get a built in one. I have a disease called narcolepsy/cataplexy and these fish calm me. They were given to me as a gift when I was first diagnosed a year ago when I was 8 years old.
I have picked out a perfect spot in my room for this tank but need your help. Please email my mom if you could help me, I live in Thousand Oaks, CA. Thank you JimmyHello guys I really need a favor my dad passed year and half ago. My kids broke the fish tank that my dad had give to my mother. All it needs is the glass put on the end of it. But I do not know where to take it to get it fixed. My mother likes your show and this would make her so happy if she could get it fixed if you can help it would make her life better. Thank You cynthia Arterbury