Tanked: An Aquarium Reality TV Show

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The popular TV show has provided a boost in interest in home aquariums and ponds, according to the show’s hosts, Wayde King and Brett Raymer.
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Besides all the health benefits, can be a beautiful addition to your home that attracts a lot of attention. To get you even more excited, we want to show you 22 unusual and creative aquarium designs. Our primary topics include aquascaping, tank guides, equipment reviews, and showcase of various examples of great aquariums across the web.
Photo provided by FlickrWe at ATM always welcome our customers to tour our offices and showroom where we feature many of our recently created aquariums.
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Fort Lauderdale will be the new home for Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Florida headquarters, and Brett and Wayde are ready to design the most breath taking aquariums displays ever seen. Their out of the box thinking is what has made them the most innovative aquarium fabricator in the industry, and the reason they are such a hit on their own reality show "Tanked". You want a doughnut shaped aquarium? We've done it! Ever see an aquarium that you could ride a skateboard on? We've done it! You want an aquarium made from a car? We got you covered! DO you want an aquarium that has tremendous wow factor? Then its a great thing that ATM is now in Florida.A Fort Lauderdale aquarium company tries to parlay global exposure on a reality TV show into new business and new markets. The clock is ticking.TV enthusiasts will spend 30 minutes at each stop, starting with Animal Planet's hit show "Tanked," which dives into the operations of the nation's largest aquarium manufacturing company, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). Visit the 37,000-square-foot facility where brothers-in-law Wayde King and Brett Raymer create one-of-a-kind tanks including pyramids, kegs and cars for all sorts of clients, including casinos, churches and celebrities.That’s why on May 22, zoological institutions and wildlife conservationists around the world “Showed the Wild Face of Climate Change.” Through photographs, educational programs, and activities for their visitors, zoos and aquariums illustrated the connection between climate change and the survival of the animal species in their care, and expressed their commitment to returning the planet to safe levels of atmospheric CO2.Our signature 117,000-gallon reef aquarium will transport you to a tropical oasis where you can admire thousands of tropical fish, and three species each of stingrays and sharks.The staff marine biologist at our hotel is equipped with a full-face communication mask and answers guests’ questions during the feeding show. In addition, the Mermaid Lounge features two 500-gallon jellyfish aquariums lit with LED lights.Roy also had to mesh Living Color's actual work product with the needs Of the video series. "Fish Tank Kings" spends an average of $165,000 per episode and follows only a few of the aquariums that the company is building at a given time. Producers want to maximize their crew's time on site, and Roy had to see to it that the company was working on one of the projects the show was following when a crew was in town.