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Feb 16, 2016 - How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium
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Aquarium cycling is very important for setting up freshwater aquarium for your Oscar fish. This process takes 6-8 weeks. Oscars are known for their messy trait.The messy type trait is due to their large size and therefore, produce significant waste that results in high levels of ammonia and nitrate in the tank. So, tank must have a good quality filtration system and you must change tank water regularly to maintain water quality.Chemical filtration removes ammonia and nitrite. Safe amount of ammonia or nitrite levels should be maintained at zero level as they are toxic to fish. When ammonia, nitrites and nitrates level is zero in tank, your water tank is fully cycled.You should also never forget to maintain optimum level of water temperature and pH. After the cycling process of 6 to 8 weeks, you need to introduce your Oscar fish into the water tank from plastic bag you bought from the fish store.Start by floating plastic bag in your water tank to make the water temperature of bag and tank water as same. It takes 20 minutes of time and then you can add your fish in a water tank by acclimating your fish to pH level of water tank.
Author: Chad Category: freshwaterguide Summary: This five step guide is designed for the beginner who is thinking about setting up a new freshwater fish tank.
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; Sometimes cooling a tank in the warm summer months can be an issue, and most freshwater aquarists cannot afford an expensive chiller (which can cost $500 +). In many applications, even a an air conditioner is not a viable option.

A few suggestions include floating frozen 2 liter plastic pop bottles in the aquarium and/or the use of a wet towel draped over the tank with a fan aimed at this towel along with an open lid if viable depending upon fish kept (not viable for Arowanas for instance since they will jump out), this works similar to human perspiration or an evaporative cooler (do not cover lights or anything that would still trap the heat trying to escape via evaporation).
The wet towel/fan method is more efficient for larger aquariums and tends to have less temperature swings, however sometime the frozen bottle method is needed for quicker lowering of temperature; as well both methods can be combined.
In fact the wet towel method was provided by an old timer in the hobby quite some time ago after I mentioned I was using fans with an open top and he stated that the use of a wet towel greatly increases the efficiency of the fan, especially if it is not viable to leave the top open. In fact, if it were an either or situation; wet towel or fan only, the wet towel is more effective.

I often had clients leave a wet towel & fan on their tank before leaving for work, then add a frozen bottle when they come home.

Other options can simply be to add a small room air conditioner and set it at a high setting of 78 F. This can often be cheaper than both the purchase and operating cost of an aquarium chiller in my experience. Having a freshwater aquarium is a wonderful way to bring nature into your home
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This freshwater aquarium setup article explains how to set up a basic freshwater fish tank. We'll start with a short list of the equipment you'll need and then give you a step by step guide on setting up or starting your first freshwater fish tank.Although aquarium requirements vary from fish to fish, there are some nearly universal norms for setting up a freshwater tank. Proper tank setup makes cleaning easy, keeps fish warm, prevents escape and makes it easy for you to see your fish.You may need to quarantine freshwater fish before introducing new tank mates, getting fish ready to breed, or if a fish is sick. Quarantine tanks are smaller aquariums that separate some fish kept separately from your general fish population. You can quarantine freshwater fish by setting up a quarantine tank, transporting your fish to its new tank, and recognizing when to separate freshwater fish into different tanks.However, when setting up the aquarium, there are some very important factors, such as choosing the correct freshwater aquarium filters. A good aquarium filter will maintain several things in your tank, such as keeping the water clean, aerated, and circulated, which is essential to the health of your freshwater fish.Setting up a freshwater fish tank is a fun and relaxing hobby. Once the tank is set up and ready to go, it is fairly easy to maintain and can provide hours of enjoyment, as well as beauty to your home.