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This forum is for selling coral, fish, and anything else that lives in our tanks.
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This is the #1 selling self cleaning fish tank on Amazon! And it’s definitely one of the available right now. Here, Back to the Roots offers another garden on top, fish tank on the bottom design. The pump is extra quiet on this aquarium, and it feeds the plants with waste from the fish. It even comes with a coupon to save money on a Betta fish.
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I do not sell fish tanks, only review them. While I have seen the Avo tank I have not had the time to review it. But it looks interesting. I do not know at this time where you can purchase it. Thanks for inquiring. Sell or buy a used fish tank - PawnGuru
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Muir is founder and CEO of , which designs custom aquariums for hedge-funders, celebrities and other wealthy individuals who prefer a living ecosystem to a wall of Warhols and Picassos. On the highest-end, the tanks can sell for more than a half-million dollars. The fish are extra. So is the tank maintenance, which can run upwards of $1,000 a month.After speaking with fish store owners, do research on species that might sell well in your area. Do homework on growth rates and reproductive rates of each species you're interested in breeding, their food needs and disease control. Take into account the equipment you'll need -- how many tanks you will need and how large they will have to be for each stage of fry development and delivery packaging. Excellent filtration is important to fish breeding, as is water quality, pH and temperature. Spawning occurs when living conditions are best for the fish.Freshwater aquarium fish include the most familiar, popular types of aquarium fish, such as guppies, black mollies, neon tetras and Siamese fighting fish, or Betta fish. Raising fish requires know-how and specialized equipment. A large area for tank set-up is required, such as a separate room in your home. First learn about government regulations and how you will sell the fish. This will help you decide if you can make a reasonable profit breeding fish.If you're anything like me, when youstarted out your new hobby life as an aquarist, you bought a secondhand fish tank. Second hand fish tanks, assuming they don't leak, andsometimes, even if they do, are an excellent choice for the newbiefish keeper because the fact that they are less expensive than a newtank allows you to buy a bigger one, and the most common cause ofkilling fish is having too small a tank and putting too many fish init. Some professionals believe that one goldfish needs 20 gallons toitself, which means even putting one fish in the so called'beginner's' tanks they sell at pet stores is sentencing your fish toa short life of misery. The DVD is Great! It has 5 Special Auto-Looping options for endless enjoyment, 3 Crackling Fireplaces, Classic, Modern or a Camp fire for telling stories with the kids. A Fish Tank and a Full Screen Lava Lamp. What a great value. And it's affordable, "Fireplaces, Fishtank & Lava" Here's a link. They sell out quick this time of year!Visited this store on June 16, 2017 and was appalled at the lack of care of the pet fish. The tanks were absolutely filthy and the fish themselves looked sick; one poor goldfish in particular sat upside down in a corner of the tank, apparently unable to swim and clearly dying. If Walmart is unable to care for these fish before they're sold to consumers, then they should not sell them at all. My family and I will not be returning to this Walmart until the fish receive better care or they stop selling them altogether.