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Tropical fish stores or what we call “Local Fish Stores” (LFS) are retail stores that sell tropical fish and tropical fish supplies. This type of establishment can be a true gem to provide you with supplies, fish and answers to your problems.
You probably have a number of stores in your area selling tropical fish and aquarium supplies. Which should get your business?
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It's easy to sell Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine in your store or to become an authorized reseller. We provide the magazine to you at a discounted rate so you may resell it at the retail price of $7.99 and make a per issue profit. Has Anybody Had Experience Selling Tropical Fish On Craigslist
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Photo provided by FlickrA pet-shop owner decides to sell tropical fish that will appeal to the middle 60% of customers
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Should the sale of tropical fish be banned? That's the question being asked here. People trying to sell tropical fish off the coasts of beautiful places such as Hawaii are injecting these fish with dyes and harmful things to make them look brighter and more vibrant. This is very bad for the fish and is not fair for the people who are buying the fish because the fish could die after all the extra nonsense that scientists and fish-sellers are doing to these beautiful creatures of the tropical islands.Wet Pet Outlet offers a vast selection of tropical and other fish, as well as a full range of essential fish and aquarium supplies in Hardin County, IA. Our expert technicians are also on hand to provide aquarium equipment repair services, including electrical equipment repairs. In addition, Wet Pet Outlet sells a variety of supplies for other small pets, including several quality brands of dog and cat food. Whether you’ve cared for fish for years or are just thinking of dipping your toes in the water, we hope you’ll visit Wet Pet Outlet for the fine products, services and help you deserve. Here are just a few reasons to consider doing business with us:the sale of tropical fish should be banned because it is not good for the fish to be injected and probed with all these harmful things in their bodies. Although the fish population is increasing, there won't be many fish left to sell if people keep doing this to them, and even worse.. people can't have cool fish tanks in their living rooms because all fish will be protected and won't be aloud to be sold when the population is so low. At Caesar’s Tropical Fish, we welcome any questions you may have, and we promise to give you the best advice possible about anything we sell in our store. Come to Caesar’s Tropical Fish and see for yourself why so many Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, and Windsor residents feel our store is so special.CTE Aquatics is a Full-Line Tropical Fish Store selling Freshwater Fish & Plants, Saltwater Fish, Corals, Invertebrates, live and frozen foods and much more! CTE Aquatics is also a Company offering Design, Installation & Routine Maintenance Services. Come visit Baltimore's Best Tropical Fish Store and support one of the last remaining aquarium stores in Baltimore! What You Can Do
Please don’t support the tropical fish trade by purchasing fish. If you enjoy watching fish, consider downloading one of the many colorful and realistic fish-themed computer screensavers available on the Web. Don’t support businesses or fairs that give fish away in contests or promotions. In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to give fish as prizes or sell animals to children under the age of 16, and guardians must provide a “suitable environment” for all animals.(16) A similar law is in effect in Reggio Emilia, Italy.(17)