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Seachem Laboratories was founded with the simple concept of producing innovative, quality products that perform as advertised. These products were developed with the objective of making the hobby more enjoyable by increasing the success rate for the average hobbyist, while decreasing the drain on the wallet. We have always stood by those pet stores that have offered the knowledge and service that drives the hobby and ultimately the industry as a whole. Seachem continues to hold true to this philosophy today. As a direct result, we have experienced exceptional growth and success as one of the leading manufacturers of innovative products for the aquarium hobby. Throughout this steady growth, there have been many changes within the industry as well as in the aquarium hobby.
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Seachem Laboratories, Inc. was established in 1980. Seachems first product was a complexed copper for treating protozoan infestations, still sold today as Cupramine. Seachem Aquarium Products now covers the full spectrum of aquarium requirements in freshwater, seawater, reefs, and ponds. Seadchem products include buffers, conditioners, filtration media, medications, and test kits in short, everything you need to maintain a healthy, beautiful aquatic environment.

All Seachem products are and have always been based entirely on sound, tested science, and the majority are unique to Seachem, including MatrixCarbon (the only spherical activated carbon in the world), Ammonia Alert, Purigen, and Fluorite. Every Seachem test kit includes known value reference samples, a feature no other company can claim.

Seachems lists of innovative firsts is extensive, including the first ever test kits for iodine and strontium, the first cichlid salts and buffers for specific cichlid environments, and the first phosphate free buffers for planted aquariums. While other suppliers have since caught on and begun producing versions of these products themselves, Seachems originals have been and continue to be the industrys gold standard for aquarium water care and treatment.

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“The folks at Seachem have done a wonderful job responding to the needs of aquatic gardeners. Seachem has developed a complete line of well-researched products for the planted aquarium. My personal favorite is Seachem Flourite®. In my opinion this is the best product available as a substrate in the planted aquarium. It is easy to use, attractive, and the plants love it. Since setting up my first Flourite tank, I have used nothing but!”Typically, dechlorinators stop there, leaving an aquarium full of toxic ammonia! Seachem takes the necessary next step by including an ammonia binder to detoxify the ammonia produced in the reduction process.A: If they use an amine based polymer it will not foul the resin but will render it non-regenerable. What amine based polymers will do is bond not just to Purigen but to any organic scavenging resin as well as any ion exchange resin and when you attempt to regenerate the resin they will then bond with the chlorine to form chloramine which can be released into the aquarium. This is not just an issue with Purigen but with all resins being sold in the pet trade. The problem only occurs when one attempts to regenerate the resin, there is no problem unless you wish to regenerate the resin you are using. Seachem products do not contain amine based polymers and are safe to be used in conjunction with not only our resins but also with other companies resins.Knowing more about the products you are selling means you can effectively sell more. It’s not uncommon for us to hear back from stores that have doubled their sales of Seachem, some in as little as three months. Beldt’s Aquarium in Hazelwood, MO reported an increase of sales by 7 times over a two month period.