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75 gallon saltwater aquarium for sale on ebay by swan1528 - YouTube
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Villa Del Pescatore is a mansion for sale in Pensacola, FL and boasts this amazing custom saltwater aquarium set in its own special room.
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Complete 75 gallon saltwater aquarium, fish, coral, other livestock, and many extras, everything's for sale on ebay from may 2, 2010 for 10 days unless the buy it now option is used. Look for seller swan1528 or search for 75 gallon aquarium.Find inner peace by spending time observing the 1,200-gallon, custom built cylindrical aquarium located in its own circular Zen room. Flanked by four curved leather benches, the aquarium features a pull-out drawer for feeding and smartphone-controlled lighting. The room’s domed ceiling is embedded with a fiber optic lighting system that can recreate sunsets, sunrises and constellations from the night sky. The floor of the aquarium room is finished in tiles laid in a fish scale pattern. This amazing custom saltwater aquarium is just one of the many amazing features of this incredible mansion for sale in Pensacola, FL.