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We hope that all the particulars provided above gives you the information you need to make an informed decision on which 10 gallon fish tank or 12 gallon fish tank works best for you. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but none on this list should be bad, aside from possibly shipping issues due to many of the beautiful fish tanks being made of glass. Wether you choose to go for a 10 gallon aquarium or a 12 gallon aquarium, your fish and plants will thrive. These tanks are great for all different kinds of fish; tropical fish, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and even a Betta fish if you want to really give them a lot of space. Whichever you choose to go with you’ll be satisfied.
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There are other sources of information. A dealer can sometimes be relied upon for this information. If you know an advanced saltwater hobbyist, you can ask her or him for advice. The sidebar to the right lists some of the small aquariums I have observed operating successfully on a long-term basis and can be used as a guide. When adding any specimen to a tank, you must first determine what size the animal can be expected to reach. Thus, a 2-inch panther grouper would do fine in a 10-gallon tank, but only for a few months, after which it will have grown too large for the tank. Do not count on the small size of the tank to “stunt” the growth of a fish. This rarely works and is never a good practice. 5-10 gallon nano reef tank setup/advice | Saltwaterfish Forum
Photo provided by FlickrYou can use a 10 gallon tank for either freshwater or saltwater fish.
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Finally started my 10 gallon saltwater tank. After a month of waiting for cycling, finally got my clownfish and a crab. Hope you guys like the video!10 and 12 gallon tanks and aquariums introduce a broad array of possibilities for cute, and vibrant water creatures. This size is a smart choice and your fish tank will become a lively ecosystem, giving your fish will everything they need to be able to live happy, healthy and stress free lives. Fish friends might not be able to complain, but they can still suffer if you do not set them up with the right environment. Choosing the right aquarium for both size, space, and accessories will ensure that you tropical fish, also known as freshwater fish, or saltwater fish get the environment they need to survive.This is the filtration system for my 10 gal saltwater fish tank, which contains two mod Aquaclear 70 filter, one AquaticLife Internal Mini Skimmer 115 (upto 30 gal), mangrove plant. My water quality is just perfect.Setting up your tank is not complicated. There should be more than enough space to have a beautiful ecosystem for either tropical, freshwater or saltwater fish. Careful planning is needed to ensure fish compatibility, but it’s not a difficult task. The size of 10 gallon and 12 gallon tanks will allow you to add multiple decorations or one large center piece. This, along with picking out the specific fish, is a lot of fun and is great for families and kids.One of the most important decisions in starting a saltwateraquarium will be the size of the tank. The basic rule of thumb is thebigger the better. A larger tank will be easier to control and givesa bit more leeway for mistakes (which are inevitable). The smallesttank for beginners should be no less than 20 gallons, with 55 gallonsbeing even better. For someone versed in fish keeping (i.e.,converting from fresh to saltwater), a 10 or 15 gallon tank willwork, but is not suggested. In general, fish like long, widetanks. The more surface area a tank has, the better the gas exchangewill be and the happier the fish will be.When saltwater fish come into the home aquarium, just like in the wild, they need a habitat that suits them. The aquarium needs to provide a place for protection and refuge and proper food. They also carry their instinctual behaviors with them so need individual space and compatible tank mates.Just like freshwater fish, each marine species has its own needs and requirements. What works for one fish doesn't always work exactly the same way with another. Saltwater aquariums ranges in their complexity depending on which inhabitants you want to keep. Saltwater fish are also are mostly collected from the wild, though more and more species are now being captive bred. To acclimate wild caught fish takes more care and attention than captive raised specimens.No matter what your skill level, to keep saltwater fish successfully requires providing and maintaining a properly set up aquarium. Many beginner saltwater fish are easy keepers in a 30-gallon aquarium, and there are a few that can be kept in a smaller 10 or 20-gallon tank. Once you have your aquarium up and running, take your time in selecting your fish. Start slowly, populate your tank with the correct number of hardy species, introduce peaceful fish first and add the aggressive fish last, and get the hang of maintaining the marine environment.