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 Automatically feeds your fish when you're on vacation. For fresh and saltwater fish.
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can be divided into four basic sorts, as far as feeding goes: bold feeders, plankton-eaters, herbivorous grazers and micropredators. Bold feeders are those saltwater fish such as damselfish that greedily swim into the open at feeding time. Feeding these fish one or two modest meals per day works well.
I set the aged saltwater on the counter and the fresh water bucket containing the feeder fish on the floor below the first bucket.
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But before you head out to celebrate, you need to make sure the fish in your aquarium have eaten as well—and their dietary needs and tastes are just as varied as ours. Whether freshwater fish or saltwater fish, large or small, predatory or not, you need to plan your feedings to get all the right nutrition to the right inhabitants of your aquarium. Smart Feeder can be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums with any type of fish food- even frozen food!
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Photo provided by Flickracclimated to saltwater if you desire to feed your saltwater fish feeders.
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Anyways, they tossed in a bunch of feeder and all the tangs and everyone attacked them. I didnt think tangs would eat a gold fish ? I was just really shocked when I saw that and I asked the lady that was feeding them why not use frozen food or flakes/pellets and she replied "this is the food chain,deal with it." I was not to impressed with them, isn't it bad to feed fresh water fish to saltwater fish ? I have read that many times. Anyways I just thought I would share, maybe get some of your thoughts on this.Which form of processed food you feed your fish should be based on whether they are saltwater or freshwater fish, large or small, and where in the aquarium they feed. You also need to take into account the basic nutritional balance your fish require. For example, carnivorous fish require diets , while herbivorous fish require far less.You should take note of what sort of flakes you’re feeding your fish, though. Saltwater fish and freshwater fish have different nutritional needs, so you should feed marine flake to the former and tropical flake to the latter. In addition to those generalized flakes, there are also ones specially formulated for particular species, such as cichlids and , so check if your fish require something similar.Feeder fish should also not be fed as a staple, especially Goldfish as they have a heavy fat content and contain . Freshwater feeder fish must not be fed to Saltwater Fish at any point, they will offer little nutrition to Saltwater Fish and can lead to liver problems.I know mollies can be put in saltwater as feeders, but kinda expensive, would goldfish acclimate? or young guppies? anyone know where they sell cheap feeder saltwater fish like live silversides?Feeding time is one of the most rewarding aspects of keeping saltwater fish. Let’s face it, fish don’t exactly reciprocate affection the way dogs and cats do. The closest we can really get to interacting with them is when we deliver their meals.