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Reef Aquarium Lighting One of the most common questions I hear from new saltwater aquarium hobbyists about reef aquarium lighting is, “How much light do I need? Is there a minimum wattage I should consider to keep coral in a reef tank?” I have heard aquarists offer up the advice …
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The Euphotic saltwater aquarium light comes with a nice two year warranty on all of the components, from the light it self all the way down to the hooks and cables. In addition to this the customer service is absolute amazing, helps in a timely manner and knows their product well. No worries about unexplainable problems here.

The lifetime of the light is absolutely absurd. On average the bulb brand, Bridgelux, has tested to . That is a solid 11 years of constant use or 27 years of 10 hour days. With that kind of lifetime even the largest model costs less than a 20" fluorescent light fixture per year. With such a high intensity and lifetime You could probably create your own sun with enough of these lights.

This actually bring in an additional note. Please take extra care with the lighting fixture so that it can actually reach that lifetime. It would be an absolute tragedy to break this light well before it burns out. Double check your hanging methods and inspect them after you touch the light to ensure it stays in place! Saltwater aquarium lighting requirements are different for different types of tanks.
Photo provided by FlickrBut with the saltwater aquarium’s recent popularity, the demands in lighting are now high.
Photo provided by FlickrSo which one is the right lighting system for your saltwater aquarium?
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Saltwater reef tanks with corals, clams and other light needing organisms will need the high output, very high output Fluorescent or metal halide lamps. Certain corals, anemones and clams require very intense lighting levels that can only be provided with T5-HO, VHO and metal halide light sources. A general rule of thumb for reef tanks is between 4 and 10 watts per aquarium gallon. Many reefers have lighting systems incorporating metal halides and VHO Fluorescent tubes. Research the species you want to keep because light requirements can vary. Because of the amount of heat these light units can produce, you may need to get an aquarium chiller to keep your tank water temperature in an acceptable range. The expense of lighting a reef tank may be just as high or higher than the cost of the live rock or even the price of all the other equipment combined.Saltwater aquariums or marine tanks need a different kind of lighting. The corals and anemones in a marine tank need a lot of intense light. Thus, you need to purchase a different kind of saltwater aquarium lighting. Coral reefs and sea anemones are very sensitive to light, and it’s their sure way to survive the artificial environment inside the tank.Any saltwater aquarium needs lighting for your fish to live; this doesn’t matter if it is a saltwater or a freshwater aquarium. There are however, various kinds of lights available for each one. Many fish need different saltwater aquarium lighting conditions. If you are not certain, you can ask us here are Crystal Clear Aquariums contact page.Saltwater Aquarium Lighting not appropriate for fish tanks do not have the required wavelengths of the light spectra normal during daylight, that is very important for the health of your pets. Very high wavelengths, on the other hand, can promote algal bloom or excessive algae growth in the aquarium causing reduction of oxygen inside the tank. Situating your aquarium under direct sunlight seems a plausible solution, however, it can cause excessive warmth, boosted algal growth and a number of related problems. Thus, you need to devise saltwater aquarium lighting just for your fish tank, if you don’t have a hood with lights.