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The topics in the quick guide are further expanded, with In-depth information on the types of marine supplies from tanks, filters, and lighting equipment to things to know when choosing your fish and saltwater aquarium care. The steps to setting up the aquarium start with putting the aquarium and supplies together, preparing the water, cycling the aquarium and testing the water, and then add your fish!
LED Reef Aquarium Lights for Saltwater Coral Fish Tank Aquantic Plants Led Light,Color Lighting Blue & White
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Freshwater Starter Tank: Just Add Salt and Substrate. While most of my friends who own and operate local fish stores don’t really like to hear me say this, you can use a typical 20-gallon freshwater starter kit and easily convert it to a marine tank. This can be done at a minimal cost; all you really need to do is remove the freshwater gravel and replace it with a marine substrate (dolomite, crushed coral or the like), and add the required amount of salt mix. You will also need a hydrometer to monitor the salinity so it is kept at the correct level. Converting a starter freshwater tank to marine you also need to be careful to keep the salt from building up on the light. You may, in fact, want to invest in a glass cover for the tank and put the light on the glass cover. M2cbridge 3x Programmable LED Aquarium Light for Saltwater Coral Marine Fish Tanks with Wifi Controller for Iphone and Android Phone
Photo provided by FlickrFish only saltwater tank under led lighting with coral inserts - YouTube
Photo provided by FlickrFish only saltwater tank under led lighting with coral inserts.
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As you can see, the type of light you need really depends on they type of tank your running. Freshwater and fish only tanks can usually get by with the regular Fluorescent lights whereas the freshwater plant keepers and saltwater reef tank keepers will need to invest in better light sources.Part 2 My 55 Gallon Marine Salt Water Aquarium Coral Reef Fish Tank and 29 Gallon Freshwater Fish Tank Saltwater Fresh Water with LED Lights

Singapore Angel
Flame Angel
Coral Beauty Angel
Bi-Color Angel
Royal Dotty Back Dottyback
Skunk Stripe Dotty Back Dottyback
Blue Damsel
Yellow Tail Blue Damsel
3 Stripe Damsel
Blue Velvet Damsel
6 Line Wrasse Six Wrase
Green Spotted Puffer
Copperband Butterfly
Blue Hippo Tang
Sailfin Tang
Clown Fish
Royal Gramma

Hermit Crab Crabs
Arrow Crab
Emerald Crab
Neon Blue Knuckle Crab
Porcelain Crab
Anenome Crab
Pom Pom Boxer Crab
Ruby Red Fiddler Crab
Coral Banded Shrimp Shrimps
Skunk Red Line Cleaner Shrimp
Red Starfish Star Fish
Seastar Sea Star
Snail Snails
Bubble Wall
Live Rock
Live Sand
Coral Reef
Nano TanksZitrades Fish Tank Aquarium Light Freshwater Saltwater Fish Fixture Flexible LED Aquarium lighting Blue and White 3 Modes 28LEDs 7W with 12V 1A Power Supply for Plant Reef Pet SuppliesFOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) aquariums have a higher lighting requirement because some of the tank occupants need a certain amount of light in order to function. is a good example of something that will need light in order to grow properly. Most saltwater aquarists strive to have a good crop of growing in their tanks. The different colors of the Coraline Algae not only add color to the tank, but it makes the tank look more like the ocean. Coraline Algae growth is almost entirely dependent on the light you supply to it.If you have a saltwater tank that you plan to keep only fish in then the fluorescent lighting you would use in a fresh water tank is probably sufficient. If you want to keep live coral or rocks you will need much more light. Many people start out thinking they only want to keep fish but eventually want to expand their horizons and add and in this case it is wise to get a hood that has fixtures for 2 tubes, that way you can add more lighting as your aquarium grows. Although some corals can survive with 4 watts of light per gallon, most will need 5 - 8 watts to remain healthy and alive.Brown algae, just like the green algae, need light and a few other ingredients to survive. It could be tank lights or sunlight feeding your algae. The other ingredients are nitrates and silicates that help the growth of brown algae in a saltwater fish tank. Therefore, the first step to get rid of brown algae in a saltwater fish tank is to consider the lighting.