Angelfish for Sale: Saltwater Angelfish for the Home Aquarium.

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Personal Opinion: Place is easy to find. Very large store. Had alot of freshwater but dismal saltwater selection. Maybe 10 fish total and like 3 corals if that. Fish looked in ok shape. Was never approached or acknowledged in store. Had a large area with used tanks for sale. Most them looked like they have never been cleaned.
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Personal Opinion: Store located on corner of a block. Easy to see from street it is on. Only 1 entrance to go into if you drive a car. Will bottom out on 2nd entrance. Parking Lot is small. Strictly fish store only. large store with a lot of floor space. Had to go way in the back to the left side to see a whole room of empty tanks for sale. Store was dark and very poorly lit. Over half of tanks lights were not even turned on so could not see what stock they had for fresh and saltwater or condition of tanks. Staff did not acknowledge us until we were leaving. Store was overall dark and creepy feeling. They had a very large selection of new tanks. Had a lot a products in store. Wasn’t able to see prices on items. Tank prices seemed a little high for new tanks. Live Aquarium Saltwater Fish for Sale Online | PetSolutions
Photo provided by FlickrAngelfish for Sale: Saltwater Angelfish for the Home Aquarium
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There is a special emphasis on Saltwater fish (also known as Marine fish) at The Ocean Floor, considering our name implies as much. When you first enter, you may feel an initial immersion into freshwater, but as you venture further into our depths, the selection of saltwater displays and livestock for sale proves extensive. Besides our 500 gallon central display tank and 1st live rock aquarium (175 gallon Bowfront), you will encounter our 150 gallon coral frag system. Feel free to use one of the floating frag viewers to enhance details and help you choose the right coral frag. Under the tiki roof you will find the 2nd live rock tank (200 gallon cascade), 500 gallons of coral selling, and 2,000 gallons containing fish and invertebrates for purchase.
Suncoast Pets is your source for saltwater fish, colorful corals and invertebrates for any reef aquarium. At Suncoast Pets, you will find a wide variety of saltwater fish for sale, as well as, rare and exotic types of saltwater fish and invertebrates for the coral reef aquarium. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for – just ask! We have suppliers from around the world that we purchase from and can generally get in just about anything you’ve seen. Typically, we receive new stock every week. This includes fish, corals and invertebrates. In other words, make sure you visit us often!Within the saltwater side, there are 2 main systems of enjoyment: The 1st is a Swim Tank where the focus is on fish and usually contains few or no inverts, and the 2nd is a Reef Tank where the focus is on inverts and contains few or no fish. At The Ocean floor, you will find the selection and service to that will enable you to own the right aquarium system bringing lasting enjoyment to your home for years to come. Ask one of our sales associates about having us !We are a complete online aquarium store. Its best to Buy Saltwater Aquarium Fish at Pete's Fish Place! We carry a very large variety of both saltwater fish and tropical fresh water fish. Because we have so many different types of tropical fish and saltwater fish for sale it is best if you look around our fish for sale pages to see the amazing selection of fish.