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Boesemani Rainbowfish at PetSmart. Shop all live pet live fish online.
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Rainbow Fish Bar is a good Fish 'n Chip shop. As others have said its popularity means that it is busy, because it is busy there are often queues. It is worth waiting though, you rarely have to queue for longer than 20 minutes. The staff are friendly, the food is very good and reasonably priced.
A huge selection of menu items, Fish, fish cakes, fish fingers, chicken, nuggets, spring rolls, sausages, burgers, chicken burgers, mushrooms, onion rings, pea fritters, pineapple fritters, mushy peas, gravy and pies! Oh yes and chips of course, the portion sizes as usual these days are far to big - no idea why they do this but it is standard.
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With pristine water the Turquoise Rainbowfish are very easily kept in your community tank and adds a ton of color and excitement. These fish are active and outgoing and will definitely liven up the aquarium. They are also rugged and will adapt to many tank setups. Don't be turned off when you see these fish in pet shops, as they are usually drab and gray. Once in the right stress free environment these fish will come to life and their colors jump right out at you. Shop Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister | Hancock's of Paducah
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Photo provided by FlickrAug 12, 2016 - Rainbow Fish Bar: Great fish and chip shop, very fresh, reasonably priced
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We visited Rainbow fish bar after searching for a new fish and chip shop and I think we've found one.
There's parking outside the shop which is great.
There was a slight queue when we arrived but was served straight away and given our order very quickly.
Staff were nice and polite and the shop seemed very clean.
The food is self was very good, hot and fresh. Very good portion size too!
This fish and chip shop also serve chinless too!

Would defiantly recommend to others.The Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish is a beautiful fish with an endearing personality. They are one of the larger rainbow fish, reaching almost 5 inches (12.5 cm) in length. They have constantly changing but always beautiful colors. Don't be turned off when you see these fish in pet shops, as they are usually drab and gray. Once in the right stress free environment these fish will come to life and their colors jump right out at you.Threadfin Rainbowfish. The one on the right is a female. I have found it nearly impossible to find females in aquarium shops - fish farms don't want to release them so that people can breed these beauties themselves.Perfect for the lodge or fishing cabin! This Bass Pro Shops® Giant Stuffed Fish is bigger, softer, and cuddlier than any rainbow trout you'll pull out of the lake! This soft, oversized stuffed rainbow trout looks just like the real thing and measures in at over 4-1/2' long. Cuddle up with this giant, stuffed fish while sleeping or lounging around watching TV. Pets love the stuffed rainbow trout too! Toss one in the living room, game room, bedroom, cabin, or camper. Imported.Most species of freshwater fish can handle some salt in the water. In fact, it is often used to treat various diseases, and can prevent some external parisites. However, there are some species that do not tolerate it well (Neons for example). I don't know about Rainbows. You need a lot of salt to get to the level of brackish. One teaspoon per gallon is often used as a remedy. What ever you do, do NOT use ordinary table salt. You can do one of two things here. Either go to a pet shop and buy aquarium salt or marine salt, or go to your grocery store an buy non-iodized salt. Ordinary table salt contains iodine which will kill your fish. Your local fish store folks (not a big box store) should be able to tell you if your rainbows can handle salt. Good luck!