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You Can’t Win Them All, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. NorthSouth, June ISBN 978-0-7358-4287-8
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The Rainbow Fish will enchant even the youngest child with his silver scales and heart of gold in this award-winning book about the beautiful fish who learned to share his most prized possession. Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia brings The Rainbow Fish to life with their enchanting puppetry.
The Rainbow Fish (Classic Edition) by Marcus Pfister. NorthSouth, June 978-0-7358-4284-7
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The Millennium Rainbowfish looks very similar to the Glossolepis insicus but there are some characteristic differences. The scales of the Lake Ifaten Rainbowfish are smaller and arranged differently and it is smaller than the Red Rainbow. It also begins to attain its adult red coloration at about 3 months of age, rather than taking almost a year as the Red Rainbowfish does. But because of its similar appearance to the well-known Red Rainbow, and its geographic location being close to it has been given the scientific name Rainbow Fish song. Great book, maybe could compose a different melody to use on Orff instruments.
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First introduced in The Rainbow Fish in 1992, the title character, who finds happiness when he learns to share his iridescent scales, endeared himself to children and adults alike. Written and illustrated by Swiss author Marcus Pfister and published by NorthSouth Books, that picture book spawned a series of titles across a variety of formats, which have been translated into 50 languages and have sold 30 million copies worldwide. In June, NorthSouth (the U.S. arm of Zurich-based NordSüd Verlag) will be celebrating Rainbow Fish’s 25th birthday with the release of the aquatic star’s eighth paper-over-board storybook, You Can’t Win Them All, Rainbow Fish, and a Classic Edition of the original picture book, featuring a linen binding and a sheet of stickers showcasing Rainbow Fish’s underwater pals and the eponymous character—in all his shining splendor.Heather Lennon, NorthSouth’s managing director, who is spearheading Rainbow Fish’s 25th anniversary campaign, remarked on both the timelessness and the timeliness of Rainbow Fish stories. “The books are universal and, especially now, their messages about being kind, being a good friend, sharing, and being part of a community are so very important,” she said.A quarter century ago, that was hardly a common picture-book embellishment, and the expense of including foil stamping was daunting. Recalling that it doubled the cost of producing a copy of Rainbow Fish, the author said that he and his editor at the time, Davy Sidjanski, “had to decide if it was possible to produce the book with foil, and that took quite a bit of time to figure out. It was quite difficult for Davy to decide whether to do the foil, but in the end, we decided that I’d get only 50% of my usual royalties for the book, and that made it work.”To commemorate Rainbow Fish’s milestone, NorthSouth—whose titles are distributed by Simon & Schuster—is also issuing a board book edition of Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish in June, and a mini-hardcover edition of Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale in September.