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Prime Aquarium Water Conditioner at PetSmart. Shop all fish water conditioners online.
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Second point is that a slight bit of chlorine is not going to do any damage. Prime and other conditioners work instantly to neutralize chlorine/chloramine, etc. In my 20+ years of doing major water changes and adding conditioner after I start filling the tank, and only sufficient for half the tank, I have never had issues with the fish. My only problem came on the couple of times when I forgot to add conditioner; the fish's reaction after a few minutes alerted me to this oversight.
Prime Aquarium Water Conditioner at PetSmart. Shop all fish water care & conditioning online.
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Seachem Prime is the complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Use during startup and water changes to eliminate and detoxify harmful chemicals in tap water and make your aquarium safe for fish.

I use Seachem's Prime to condition my tapwater for my aquarium fish, ..
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Photo provided by FlickrMar 31, 2017 - Prime Aquarium Water Conditioner at PetSmart. Shop all fish water conditioners online.
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As for all other claims of Prime (or any other conditioner), these are functions which basically none of us require. A properly maintained tank should not require the addition of “essential ions” via our water conditioner (please define these ions… can anyone?). “Electrolytes” is just a name for salts, vitamins are not stable when introduced into the water, aloe vera works by preventing wounds from drying out (not a problem when you are permanently submerged in water), other beneficial aspects of aloe vera are almost impossible to preserve in a bottle, aloe vera is not stable in water, and our fish should need no assistance in producing slime coat. Most water conditioners will claim to remove chlorine and chloramine, both harmful substances that are found in tap water. Prime will do that will and also remove ammonia, which can save and protect fish during a nitrogen cycle. It also detoxifies nitrite and nitrate during the cycle. These perks are invaluable in the fish world, as nitrogen cycles are constantly in motion, be it in new tanks, or just a mini cycle in an existing tank. When using Prime, chances are you won’t even know that a cycle has occurred because it will take care of it for you.I use SeaChem prime exclusively in my Oscar Tank, secondarily due to its claims to either remove or detoxify nitrate. I can clarify with all certainty that it absolutely does not remove nitrate. It may, in some unknown fashion, partially detoxify nitrate, but it does not remove it. The primary reason I use Prime in my Oscar tank is that I perform very large water changes and have discovered the amount of slime coat lost by my Oscar fish, during water changes, is much reduced when using Prime opposed to other conditioners. I cannot qualify this beyond observation. The amount of slime coat trailing off my Oscars body is less when I use Prime than when using other conditioners. If I am completely honest, I also use Prime in my Oscar tank because I simply (and irresponsibly) feel like I’m cheating my Oscar out of something by using less than a “complete conditioner”. D. It is highly recommended to use as your water conditioner. Since you will have fish in an uncycled tank, ammonia will definitely build up. Any trace of ammonia is harmful to the fish. Therefore the fish need your help to live through the fish-in cycle. Aside the primary function of neutralize chlorine and chloramine in the tap water, SeaChem Prime has a secondary function of detoxify ammonia and turn it into harmless ammonium for up to 48 hours. This function alone can make certain the fish will not be exposed to ammonia poisoning within 48 hours after each water change with Prime. As long as you do partial water change with Prime every other day, the ammonia damage to your fish should be minimal.