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If you’re wondering where you can find live fish for sale to stock your pond or lake in Texas or Oklahoma, Pond King has you covered. Pond King is conveniently located in North Texas – near the Oklahoma border – and carries a variety of different freshwater species for stocking ponds and stocking lakes, including specialty strains like Florida Bass, F1 Tiger Bass, Hybrid Crappie and Hybrid Stripers.
Pond Fish and Pond Plants for Sale | PetSolutions
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Danbury Fish Farms is the oldest and largest Texas Fish Hatchery offering various species and quantities of freshwater fish for sale. Our operation has been selling fish for stocking ponds to families, ranchers, and businesses for over 40 years. New state-of-the-art facilities offer an exciting venue to visit the farm and buy freshwater fish! Pond Koi Fish for Sale: Stock Your Pond | PetSolutions
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We STOCK ponds with quality fish based on long-term goals. We are not just salesmen who are out to only sell you a pond full of fish. Stocking a new pond is not difficult. It is the only time that you can say for certain how many fish of what kind are in the pond. Once the pond is stocked, it takes on a life of its own and begins to develop. Predators (wading birds, otters, and insects) or disease can give you an unexpected outcome. That is why it is so important to begin with it stocked correctly. The fish must be the right size (small fish have higher mortality rates), the right number of fish (to allow for expected mortality rates) and fish that are in good shape. Just because they swim off when you release them doesn’t mean they will survive. We provide the right number, size and combination of fish for new ponds or existing ponds. We can tailor a stocking plan for your pond.For decorative ponds, indoor ponds, large tanks and other controlled environments, Henneke Hatchery has exotic fish for sale in Texas. Exotic fish for ponds and other areas must be carefully monitored to ensure they do not disrupt the surrounding ecosystem. When properly added, these fish will brighten the waters and create an interesting water feature.All of our live products cannot be shipped or sold online. You may purchase these at the hatchery and take them home or have them delivered to anywhere in Ohio – ask about our delivery rates and don’t forget to for when we visit county Soil and Water Conservation districts for fish sales as well, to cut down on your travels. You may purchase all of our other products such as windmills, pond conditioners and muck reducers, and more on our website with shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Summary A fully operational, fully staffed, turnkey warmwater fish farm in northern California is for sale for $2,296,000.00. The farm contains 18 ponds, which are supplied by on-site wells. All required permits for operation of the farm are in place. View additional details below and submit your contact information if interested. Property Location […]Tony Vaught established PAS to provide pond and lake stocking, seafood for restaurants, and market fish for fish farms in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. The primary activities of the company include the production, sales, and distribution of fin fish as well as consulting and marketing services. Fish such as channel catfish, bluegill, red ear sunfish and striped bass, sturgeon and largemouth bass are produced and sold.Those pond fishes are sold at different prices, and you have to consider some thoughts before buying one. You may find some fishes in discounted prices, and some of them are worth to buy. Here, we have some tips on how to choose the best pond fish for sale.