Platinum Blue Pearlscale Veil Angelfish

Grace, platinum blue marble angelfish
Photo provided by Flickr
In the early 2000s, Ken crossed a platinum and an albinao angelfish and discovered a new color gene, the blue gene, in the process. The discovery that put Ken and the Philippines in the worldwide angelfish map was due to Leslee, Ken’s sister, who bought the platinum angelfish from a pet shop even after Ken told her not to. Ken went on to develop several angelfish varieties that are highly sought after both locally and internationally.
Grace, platinum blue marble angelfish
Photo provided by Flickr
This are my Newly arrived Platinum BLUE Angelfish,just got them this morning from my Seller Ste12000 on ebay..this angels are very Rare Blue.06-09-2011 Blue Platinum Show Veil Widefin Angelfish
Photo provided by FlickrMy platinum blue marble angelfish
Photo provided by FlickrGrace, platinum blue marble angelfish
Photo provided by Flickr
I started developing angelfish varieties sometime in the early 2000s. My initial aim was to develop orange koi angelfish like those in the US and different albino varieties. One day in 2004, Leslee, my sister, telephoned to ask me if I wanted some platinum angelfishes from a pet shop. I told her that I was not interested, but was surprised that she still bought the variety. This started the development of new color varieties in early 2005 when i crossed a platinum angelfish with two albinos carrying a number of color/patter mutations and got the blue angelfishes in the F2 generation. Joining a US-based angelfish forum made me aware that i had accomplished something extraordinary, which is the discovery of a new color gene, the blue gene, now named “Philippine blue pb gene. This further encouraged me to create more varieties.
Platinum Pearlscale Angelfish with blue gene. I am so enjoying these beauties!!!!! While working on another project and trying to learn how to use the Windows 7 movie editing program, I decided to try give this a shot. After buying these fish from Red Crane from AquaBid, I have gotten to know him and I have found him to be an outstanding Christian. Anyone's life would be enriched if they knew him. I have never met him personally, but have talked with him on the phone. He also has a channel here at YouTube. I am impressed with his caliber and his professional business tactics and now consider him a Friend.

Anyway, like I said, I was just in a creative mood, so I thought I would surprise him with this slideshow/video. It was that anticipation of his surprise that was the most rewarding! He did not ask me to do this. My idea and his surprise.

May I recommend that if you find these beauties to be something that you would like in your tank, I would definitely have not hesitation in recommending and getting them from him while he still has some. He has them up for sale on Aquabid again. Please feel free to contact him there or shoot me a message and I will hopefully be able to put you in touch with him.

Glad you liked your surprise Red!!!

Kathy PottsThis Breeding pair of Angelfish are the young from a Male Veil German Blue and a female
Platinum Blue ftom Ken Kennedys line - the Pinoy Line. These fry are F3s and develope a very nice bluish sheen.Platinum Koi angelfish are homozygous for both Blue and Stripeless. These have one dose of Gold Marble. A few or ours are developing some orange, but most are this beautiful canary yellow when they color up.