clear plastic small fish bowls Custom Printed Plastic Fishbowls - Blue Ray Promotions.1~Plastic cocktail fish bowls serve multiple people with one beverage..8

Plastic Fish Bowls For Cocktails & Party Drinks
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24 (plastic are best)
8 -12
Pitcher or clean, rinsed out milk jug for water
Ping Pong or (12 and more are best)
to hold Ping Pong Balls to hand to carnival players to play the game (see above)
Table to hold Fish Bowls or Flat Ground
Blue material or tablecloth
Blue and/or green food coloring to color the water (optional)
Foot to mark "stand behind" lines
Ticket Box and Game Sign
Carnival Prizes - consolation and top carnival prizes - fish prizes are great fun!
** We sell this game as a set! -
Hanging Planters made with plastic fish bowls from A Beautiful Mess
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Results 1 - 24 of 407 ... Online shopping for Fish Bowls - Aquariums & Fish Bowls from a great ... Tom Tominaga Oscar ATOBL10RPET Plastic Bowl Round, 1. DIY hanging planters made from plastic fish bowls
Photo provided by FlickrMINNIE MOUSE BIRTHDAY party favor plastic fish bowls (price is for 1 fish bowl). $4.50, via Etsy.
Photo provided by FlickrNeed This! Plastic Fish Bowls
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3. Fish bowls make great cocktail glasses. Fish bowl cocktails have become very popular because they allow several people to share a single drink without losing money for the house. Brighten the colors and have your establishment’s logo silkscreened on some plastic fish bowls and use them to serve drinks.Silkscreened logos will work wonders on your company’s bottom line. Whether you need a unique countertop display, a promotional container unlike anyone else’s, or are looking for an innovative way to serve drinks, plastic fish bowls with logos is the way to go. Turn This Transparent Plastic Drum Bowl Into A Fun Home For Your Goldfish Or Betta. Size: Approximately 5" x 3 1/2" x 5" high. Opening has approximately a 3" diameter. Perfect for Business card containers,event flower holders Search_Phrases: Fish Bowls,Fish,Fish Products,Plastic Drum Fish Bowl,Betta Fish Bowl,Goldfish Drum Bowls,Imagine Gold,Plastic Drum Fish Bowl 1 Qt Plastic fish bowls are a fun way to serve a jumbo sized drink. They are inexpensive and can be printed with your logo on both sides. Available in an 84 ounce, 64 ounce or 30 ounce “drum style” fish bowl.The inspiration for this project came from a from my blog crush, A Beautiful Mess. They used plastic fish bowls and chain to suspend some adorable planters from the ceiling, and I knew I had to have them in my office. Fish bowls… how genius!The long and short of it is this – most people are too lazy to do their own research so they fall prey to marketing schemes designed to make money. Think about the last time you went to the pet store. Walking down the aquarium aisle, you probably saw a collection of betta fish in small plastic containers. Near those containers you probably also saw a number of small bowls and tanks being sold as betta fish tanks. In the pictures, the betta fish look happy and healthy living in their little bowls so most people assume that this is the ideal environment for them.About 90 percent of the freshwater fish sold in stores are raised on fish farms. Goldfish, for example, are usually bred and raised in giant tubs on farms that raise as many as 250 million fish a year. Many of them are doomed to live in plastic bags or tiny glass bowls, neither of which provides the space or oxygen that goldfish need. For this reason, the city of Monza, Italy, banned keeping goldfish in bowls. One sponsor of the law pointed out that bowls give fish “a distorted view of reality.” Other than for testing purposes, buying plastic-made bowls will be beneficial for kids or teenagers, as they are most likely to take less care of it than us. Also, plastic bowls are appropriate for first timers who are a little familiar with fish tank handling.