10 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants for Beginners

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With the aid of my 5 fish tanks here I am showing why I keep live plants in my freshwater aquariums. They are basically the glue that connects the 5 tanks together and consider them extremely useful for a number of reasons outlined in the video.

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Hardy Aquarium Plants For Sale on Dustin's Fish Tanks. We've have all killed some plants. But it is probably because we were sold the wrong kinda plant.
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I have 4 tanks, all with live plants, I don’t dose co2 in any form and more often than not forget to dose the fertilizers and all tanks are thriving! I generally clean the filters once a month or when the flow decreases and have a thriving shrimp colony in one tank. Live plants are definitely better than fake, they provide you with the peace of mind that if your filter does break down the tanks won’t crash. I do have T5s in 3 of the tanks but they show off the fish beautifully as well and the smallest tank has a clip on LED light and natural light. Things like Anubia sp, Crypt sp, Java fern and Java moss are great starter plants that are hardy, will accept a lot of abuse and just keep growing. I had a tank full of crypts in a dark corner with about an hour of natural bright light a day and no problems. I’m definitely pro live plants Update your aquarium with live plants. Shop our selection of live plants for fish tanks -- and create a lush aquarium for your fish.
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Photo provided by FlickrJust like fish, live plants do best when they are kept in an aquarium that best suits their needs
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Moreover, the way they are shaped helps to provide some cover for fish fry and other small critters, plus they are especially ideal for crayfish tanks. Not only are these floating plants very beautiful and help provide cover, but they also do a great job at controlling nitrate levels in the water as well.Another one of my personal favourites! In The Netherlands, we call it ‘water pest’, and for a not without reason; it grows like crazy. Anacharis can be left floating, but grows fine when planted as well – the parts bought from the store usually die off quite quickly, but they are replaced by fresh, live leaves. If you own herbivorous or omnivorous fish, growing Anacharis in a separate aquarium can provide you with a steady amount of (free) healthy fish food, but the plant looks great in planted tanks as well and can help compete with algae because it grows so quickly.It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner without much experience when it comes to planted tanks or an expert who’s looking for green without having to worry about dying plants and CO2 installations – everyone needs hardy, easy to care for plants sometimes. They are decorative, remove nitrates from the water and provide fish with a place to hide.Welcome to Dustin's Fish Tanks YouTube Channel. My channel is made for FISH TANK PEOPLE! I try to focus on planted aquariums, how to grow aquarium plants, dirt as the planted tank substrate and low light aquarium plants. Planted tanks shouldn't be difficult. My goal is to make the planted aquarium hobby easy...Planted Tanks Made Easy! Dustin's Fish Tanks. TANK ON!