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There is simply something captivating about a great looking aquarium that makes it hard to take your eyes off. how It is so cool to see how many things you can do to make a unique statement with your choice of fish and plant life to the decorative elements like coral. A nice placed one in a home or commercial setting can provide a soothing visual for people and always seems to class up a place. I often forget about the possibilities of fish tanks as I write about furniture and other home decor related items. These 70 pictures will hopefully open the mind to the possibility of a custom installation in a home or business. You do have to be careful in the selection process to make sure that the fish tank compliments your home instead of taking away from it. These aquarium pictures are courtesy of Fish Gallery in Houston, Texas and as you can see they really do a good job of making these fish tanks look like the best part of the room. If you are planning an in wall Aquarium please have a look at 50 some of the most outstanding designs we complied .
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Not so anymore. With the advances in reef keeping science, it has become possible for even novices to have successful nano/mini or micro reef tanks like the ones pictured in this gallery. It's amazing as well that many of these mini reefs were converted from fish-only tanks to stunning little reef systems by utilizing powerful . Fish-tanks - Picture of Hug Bucket Fish Spa, Santa Maria - TripAdvisor
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