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Dr. Nicholas Saint-Erne has been keeping exotic pets since getting his first pet turtle in 1966, and setting up his first aquarium in 1968. His major field of study was Fisheries Biology for his Bachelor of Science degree. In 1984 he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University. He practiced small animal and exotic pet medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada for 15 years (1984-1999), the last 5 years of which were at a PetSmart Veterinary Service clinic within a PetSmart store in Las Vegas. He was also the consulting veterinarian for the Las Vegas Zoo, and for many of the performers with animal acts in Las Vegas, treating lions, tigers and other big cats, as well as performing birds and primates. He also supervised health care for the koi ponds at many of the Las Vegas Resorts.
Kaytee Koi's Choice Fish Food at PetSmart. Shop all fish food online.
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My nutrients. These are the koi fish I purchased ($40 @ petsmart). I bought 5 of them. This is about day 3 for them being in the tank and I haven't lost one. I bought these fish because this garage can get a little cold in the wintertime and koi are known to be very hardy fish. They will provide nutrients to my plant roots as my plant roots will provide nutrients to my fish. Continue tracking progress. May 11, 2017 - Kaytee Koi's Choice Fish Food at PetSmart. Shop all fish food online.
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Photo provided by FlickrThese are the koi fish I purchased ($40 @ petsmart)
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Lots of people, it turns out. And the reason is fairly obvious: Money. Even low-end koi, like you might buy at PetSmart, cost about $6 each, fish vendor . His store, Tropic Bay Water Gardens in Davidsonville, Md., sells koi for $30 apiece, on average, but larger specimens can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The Herndon office-park pond has held koi for 25 years, so there were undoubtedly some large fish in the pond — koi can live . Police did not release an estimated value for the fish. Steve Koza, with in Davidsonville, Md., says Koi fish can cost around $6 at a place like PetSmart, while he sells Koi fish for an average of about $30. My DIY low cost Aquaponic system. Tracking my progress. Started with a 20 gal tank that was given to me, they also have these cheap on Craigslist or even free sometimes. I had some empty room in the garage so I set up shop. Koi ran about $40 from petsmart. You can get them cheaper from local nursery's I've learned. Let the water from hose sit for 24 hrs before adding the fish. I let this setup run for a week with the fish to make sure they would live, and to begin the nutrition cycle.Also our Petsmart sells really ugly koi. They look more carp like than koi like. I can't believe they get any of them from anyone who is a real koi breeder, since they would have to get a half way decent one now and then. They look more like the offspring of ugly fish all dumped in a pond without any regard for any decent variety. Once they had better looking koi, but I guess they found a better deal, moneywise.
If you have read up on water parameters and other things that koi and goldfish need to thrive, and followed all advice, your fish should live with no problem. However, there is no way to try other than by adding fish and seeing what happens! Many people buy inexpensive koi or goldfish from a local store such as Petsmart, and use those fish as “guinea pigs” before adding larger and more expensive fish.